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DIY Septum

Let me start off by saying that up until recently, I have always hated septum piercings. I thought they were ugly, and I couldn't fathom why people would want to look like bulls. That was always the one piercing I'd NEVER get.

But then they started to grow on me. I saw a guy who had what looked to be a 16g circular barbell (aka a horseshoe) in, and it looked really nice on him. Standard size for septum piercings are 14g, so maybe that's what he had, but anyway, once I realized that I didn't have to get a HUGE ring, I thought I could pull it off. I was also sick of seeing regular nostril piercings, you know, the one that everyone and their mom has. At least 50 girls in my school have one side of their nostril pierced with a teeny tiny stud, and it's so distracting, it's all I can look at when I talk to someone with only one nostril piercing. I really hate how EVERYONE has it. Now, BOTH sides look awesome, but when it's done on one side, it's nothing special. So I was looking for a place to pierce that is easy to do yourself, and hideable, because my mother would KILL me if she knew what I had pierced. I decided to do my septum, because it's a pretty common place to do by yourself, besides earlobes (which I've also done), and from what I've read it's an easy healer. And, if I didn't like it, I could hide it and no one would know, but it's still another piercing. Plus, no one else in my school has it, so it's pretty different.

I'd started feeling around for the famed "sweet spot" (the little area of skin in your septum right under the cartilage of your nose and right above the thicker skin) just for fun for a couple of weeks, but didn't really think I'd do it. But then one night I found myself in the mood for another piercing. I've done all 11 of my piercings myself (that includes tongue web, tragus, and snug), so I wasn't scared. I sterilized my sewing needle as best I could, (boiling the needle and earrings, then soaking them in rubbing alcohol), blew my nose and cleaned the area with a wet q-tip, and went for it. It HURT. Piercings NEVER hurt me. I was surprised because most of the experiences I've read about said it was practically painless. But as I was pushing the needle in, I knew I couldn't stop, because if I did, I figured that would hurt even worse. So finally, looking in the mirror, I saw the end of the needle poking through the other side of my septum. I've heard that it's really common to sneeze when getting your septum pierced, but that didn't happen to me. My eyes watered A LOT, though. I left the needle in for about 5 minutes or so, and I must say, I looked pretty ridiculous, standing there in my bathroom with a sewing needle through the middle of my nose. All I could think about was how it might not look good. But then I took the needle out, put in a regular 18g stud, and waited another 10-15 minutes. Then, I took that out, pushed in a 14g taper to stretch out the hole a bit, and waited yet another 5 minutes. Finally, I took that out and struggled to put in a 16g circular barbell. And yes, if you're wondering, all of this hurt. It was more of a stinging sensation than anything, but it was painful, however definitely bearable. The worst part was pushing the ends of the horseshoe in, because the external threading rubbed against the fresh hole.

AT LAST I got the goddamn horseshoe in, and screwed the balls on. I LOVED it. It was cute, it was straight, and I got this huge feeling of accomplishment from succeeding. But, I had to heal with it flipped up, which I know you shouldn't do if you want it to heal straight, but I had no choice.

OH CRAP, the horseshoe WOULD NOT flip up into my nose. the space between the two balls wasn't wide enough. I found out later that I could've fixed this by using pliers to open the ring wider, but I panicked. Luckily, I had a few spare 16g barbells (straight eyebrow barbells) so I got that in there, screwed the ball on, and left it alone. Eventually, once it's fully healed, I'll get another circular barbell up there, but for now I just LITHA. I clean it in the shower with water, and do the occasional SSS, but I find that it's healing really nicely and I don't need to do anything extra. If you want this piercing, I say go for it. If you don't like it, just hide it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2010
in Septum Piercings

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