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A tame Beginning - My helix

I have craved a cartilage piercing of some sort ever since I was 12 - when I saw an older teenager with one. She wore it like a crown, the shine drawing the eye down the graceful curve of her ear. This was absolutely, non negotiably out of the question for my conservative family. Piercings were for those...other people. So, I bided my time, with frequent discussions with my Mum to see if her mind had spontaneously changed, and finally, 10 years later when it was still a firm, absolute no, took the plunge.

I did a bit of research, found a few places that looked appropriate. One that stood out was Lord of the Jewels in Sydney. Prices were reasonable, staff were friendly and approachable, and the fact that there was a sale on all piercings sold me. Usually this would put me off a place, but everything else was so inviting, I decided to go for it, and haven't regretted the decision

After my initial consult I returned a few days later, and confirmed that I was ready to go. After filling in all the documentation (which involved a bit of to do regarding the address - my mail will get read by who-ever gets to the mail box first and I certainly didn't want any follow ups/advertisements/notifications popping into there), I was required to wait a short amount of time as a booked in customer had arrived. An eager, 10 year old girl - as I heard the snap of the gun my heart started to pound. Gun piercings were a third of the price of needle piercings, but were strictly for lobes only. I started to think, what had I gotten myself into?

Finally, it was my time to go in. The piercer was not the conversational type - any attempts on my part to get into conversation and lighten the environment were met with single syllable answers. However, everything was pristine and hygeine was maintained perfectly. I was happy, and I was ready to get into it. When I asked about the pain that customers usually feel, I was told "oh, don't worry, this is a tame one". The spot was marked, but I found it a touch too low, as I wanted it right at the apex of my ear. As you can tell, I had a long time to contemplate the precise location I wanted it. After a quick adjustment, I lay down, turned my head to the side, and reflected with excitement at the proceedings. My head placement was required to be precise, and I took great care not to fidget or flinch.

The clamp went on, which was slightly uncomfortable, but certainly nothing unbearable. It would not be pleasant to keep on for a prolonged amount of time. It felt rather like a dull pinch, like someone playfully grabbing you in a pinch. The needle...I didn't know it had gone in. There was absolutely no sensation that a sharp metal object had perforated my skin. The point I realised was when the piercer turned and inserted the stud. That was quite uncomfortable, the external threading rubbing against my raw flesh. I inadvertantly gasped with the sensation. Finally, I sat up, and looked again, in the mirror.

There it was. A gleaming stud adorned my ear.

Due to the conservatism of my family I was required to take out the surgical steel labret stud that was used, and inserted a clear acrylic retainer. It mostly sits between 18-20 gauge now, but last time I tried, stretched readily back up to it's original piercing size. The healing was rather uneventful, the only drama I had was when the retainer fell out somehow through the night and I had to "pop" the back skin to reinsert the earring. Other than that it's been a very smooth healing process. Initially I used H2Ocean twice a day, but as the healing got on I found it unneccessary. There was very little lymphing, my body seems to enjoy acrylic much more than metal.

The whole experience was exhiliarating, opening my eyes to a whole new world of beauty, of adornment. That little glint at the apex of my ear makes a significant difference to how I feel about myself. For someone who has a ridiculously weak pain threshold, it scarcely hurt at all. Don't be afraid of walking out of a place that gives you an unsettled vibe. I did that to two shops, one which had a teenage girl clearly high on something as a front counter salesperson and one which had a fellow who was not capable of answering any of my questions, which included: what's the pain like, how long will it take to heal, do I need to be aware of anything not to do while healing. For those of you thinking, umming, ahhing, reflecting that they couldn't possibly...do it!


submitted by: Mellenoire
on: 27 Oct. 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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