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My New Septum Piercing

Over the past month, I've been really wanting to get my septum pierced so I can stretch it to a 00g. Unfortunately, I am underage (16) and my parents refused to allow me to get any additional piercings since I already have my "huge ears." I have not asked them for permission to get my septum, because I knew it would be a no. So, I thought of a way I could still get it. I could go with my friend Kina and have her sign me off at a studio to get it professionally pierced. She said it would be totally fine, I just had to get the money, which I had. Since it was a septum piercing, its easily hideable, which is lovely since my parents wouldn't approve. So I considered that. But after thinking about it for a few days, I just didn’t like the idea of having to hide it all the time. Eventually, I just decided I was going to ask my parents to take me to go get it done. Before I asked, I went on the BMEzine Wiki to the "Things Parents Need To Know" page. Also I prethought out reasons why I believed they should allow me to get it. These reasons were that I have enough money to pay for it myself, its low maintenence so its not risky, I would be able to hide it easily, and going together as a family would be something to do while my brother was in town (he moved out a few months ago and it was his first visit). So after a bit of planning, I asked my parents to come to the computer so I could show them something. I asked them why they didn't want me to get any additional piercings. The response I got was "You don't need any more piercings, you already have your huge ears. Wait until you're 18." I read them a few of the things off of the BMEzine Wiki page and stated me reasons why I should be able to get my septum, and they said they'd consider it and let me know in a couple of days if I can get it. "I'm in," I thought. "I'm gonna get it." Sure enough, a few days later, my mom tells me she's going to take me to get my piercing. Oh, what a happy boy I was!

About a week later, the day has come. The day I’m going to get my septum pierced. It would only be me and my mom going to the studio. Before we got there we got some food and I cleaned up my nose to be courteous. Then we both walked in the studio for the first time. I talked to the guy behind the counter, Jim I believe his name was.” I want to get my septum pierced," I said proudly. We went over the basic stuff, paperwork, information, and I chose my 16g septum retainer. I considered getting a 14g, but I just wanted to stretch to a 14g. Since I wouldn't be getting any more piercings for over a year and a half, I figured having to stretch more would keep me busy until I can get more piercings. So about a minute later, I went into the back room with the piercer, Michael. He put on his latex gloves and cleaned the inside of my nose. We made some small talk about his stretched septum and our stretched ears. Then he told me to lay down on the bed (or whatever you wanna call it) with my head hanging over the edge, so that he would be piercing me while I was upside down. This was a method I’ve never seen or heard of before, but it worked quite well. He poked around inside my nose to find my sweet spot. Once he found it, he got his needle ready and set it against my sweet spot. This felt a little uncomfortable. Then he told me to breathe in deeply and exhale. He pushed the needle through. My eyes watered up, but I didn't feel a thing! It felt the same as when he was just resting it against my sweet spot. He put in my retainer, also no pain at all. While switching in the jewelry, he made small talk about how much of a bitch it is to stretch a septum. Then he told me to sit up slowly so he could take a look at it. He said it looked good, and told me to go look for myself. So I went to the mirror in the room and looked at it. It looked great! The jewelry wasn't too eyecatching, since it's just a retainer, but it was placed pretty high, which I loved. I told him it looked great, and he flipped it up for me, explaining that it helped with the healing process. I then walked out of the room with a big smile and red, watery eyes. My mom approved, loving the fact that she couldn't see it. I paid for the piercing and jewelry which came out to $55. But I had a coupon for $5 off, so I ended up paying $50 for it, which was perfect since that was literally all of the money I happened to have. I received the aftercare instructions and sea salt which was free. I also had my mom buy me some Provon soap for $6. Then I went on my way home to admire my new piercing.

It's only been a few hours since the piercing, and it feels great. There's no pain, and the retainer is comfortably flipped in my nose. I'm planning on waiting 2 weeks before I wear it flipped down. Then waiting another couple of weeks and going back into the studio to have them check it out and make sure it's doing good. By then, it should be healed, and if so I’ll be switching the retainer to a circular barbell. I'll keep that in for a few weeks, then stretch it to a 14g. Over my whole stretching process ill be wearing tunnels from a stretching kit I’ll be buying.

I recommend this piercing to anyone who's considering it. It's fun, easy to take care of, and a work-friendly piercing since it's easily hideable.


submitted by: Mikeisonfire
on: 17 Oct. 2010
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Michael
Studio: Pierced Out
Location: San Jose, CA

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