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My Sweet Septum Piercing

After yet again getting the itch to get a new piercing, I started browsing BME for ideas for what I should get next. I live in a conservative area and have a conservative family, meaning that my mods need to be subtle and easy to hide, much to my dismay. I came across the septum piercing at first and passed over it thinking that it wasn't for me. Then I began to look at it more and I realized that I actually really love how it looks, and there is the big plus that it can be flipped up in the nose and almost completely hidden.

After a couple of months thinking over the piercing; I decided to go ahead and get it. It had been the first time that I had been to Iris Piercing, but I had heard nothing but amazing things about them. I entered the studio and I loved it instantly, it was super clean and really cool. I went up to the front counter and met Dustin (he’s done two of my other piercings); where he answered my questions, checked my ID and had me sign the proper forms. He helped me pick out a nice 14g titanium septum retainer so that it could be flipped up while it healed. As I waited for the retainer to be autoclaved I looked around the waiting area and drooled at the beautiful large gauge jewelry available for sale for about fifteen minutes. After that, Nick called me to the counter and led me up the stairs to the piercing rooms for the septum piercing. As he sanitized everything we chit chatted and made small talk. He marked up my nose and had me look in the mirror, although really there is no way to see if it is going to end up being straight or not until the piercing is actually done.

The piercing was somewhat painful, maybe a 3 on a scale of 10. It was a quick sharp pain and then it didn’t hurt anymore. It pinched a little when he inserted the jewelry but after that it was only mildly sore. It came out really straight, it is absolutely perfect! The aftercare I was told was the LITHA method and I was sent home with my shiny new piece of metal.

I did have some trouble for the first couple of weeks that I had the piercing; I developed a small cold that irritated my nose and make it runny. That is the worst part about a septum piercing, the boogers. Then that ick would dry on the jewelry and irritate the fresh hole, and holy crap did that hurt. It would hurt if I scrunched my nose or sometimes even when I spoke. I ended up ordering in some emu oil, and I applied it to the piercing with a q-tip once every couple of days and had no more problems with it hurting and getting irritated.

I also had some trouble with the retainer I was pierced with; it would painfully poke the inside of my nose when it was up and it kept falling down. Considering that my parents were coming into town to visit me the next month, that was going to be a problem. So I ordered in a clear pyrex septum retainer and went back to Iris the day before my parents came into town, which was about 3-4 weeks after I got the piercing, to get the jewelry changed. I wanted to wait until the last second so that it would be as healed as possible. They were really cool about it and the jewelry change was a little painful, mostly because the piercing wasn’t fully healed yet and the retainer had a 90 degree corner to shove through the hole.

Ever since then I have had absolutely no problems with my septum besides the occasional “Did that hurt?” comment from a stranger, which frankly happens a lot in Utah. It is fully healed and I can change the jewelry with ease. It’s a piercing that I absolutely adore; I think that it suits me well and I feel like it is almost an extension of me.

If you are thinking about getting this piercing, I say go for it! It is an easy piercing to care for during the healing process, you have a lot of options as to the types of jewelry you want to wear in it and you can even stretch it if you so choose. Not to mention that you really can’t see it at all when you flip up a retainer, unless someone is pulling your head back and looking up your nose for it. This makes it a great work-safe piercing (I work at a hospital and they don’t mind that I have it) that is easy to hide and easy to take care of. Happy piercing!


submitted by: gildedangel
on: 04 Oct. 2010
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Nick
Studio: Iris Piercing
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

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