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DIY Septum Piercing Experience

I've always loved piercings, but when I was younger, I wasn't allowed to get any (not even a navel piercing!) by my parents. Okay, so I could have actually got it done, but it sure wouldn't help me get along with my parents any better, and we were already fighting everyday, so I decided I better wait until I'm at least 18 before I get any piercings done myself.

When I was almost 19, I decided it was time to do something about it. I was still living with my parents (and I still am today), and this lead to two decissions: I didn't have the money to get a piercing done professionally, and I wanted something that my parents wouldn't notice.

I like septum piercings, so I decided this could be a good start. When pierced with a circular barbell it can easily be flipped up the nose and completely hidden from my parents', and teachers', eyes.

I was thinking about how exactly I'd do it for months. Then, I met my solution at a summer party. Her name was Anna. She pierced herself a few times before - various ear piercings, a monroe and a navel piercing were decorating her body the day I met her, but later she told me she had done many more to herself any others. She was a girl my age, and her mum worked as a nurse in a hospital and always brought her sterille needles when Anna asked.

I asked Anna if she'd pierce my nose, too. She agreed, she said I just have to buy myself a ring or a barbell or whatever and we can do it anyday I wanted. A few days later, I already bought a nice circular barbell in a piercing shop near my school. I called Anna on the phone and she told me she can do it later that week. I could hardly wait, I was a little scared and yet I was very excited, too.

When we met up on the city street, I thought we were going to visit her place for piercing. But really, we just stepped aside, behind some buildings, and started the process.

She told me I was shaking like mad and that maybe I should drink a little of beer. I went a bought myself a can of beer, but only drank a couple of sips since I never really liked beer, anyways. Then, she put off all the rings from her fingers, put on some latex gloves, and started feeling for my 'sweet spot' in my nose.

She said I had a good nose for a septum piercing, with lots of skin to pierce. When she decided where she was to pierce me, she used a simple pen to mark it, and opened the needle afterwards. It went through my skin fast. It hurt only a little, and at first, I didn't even bleed.

A few minutes later, she inserted my barbell. It bled a little at that point, but no big deal. I also sneezed while she did it, which I later found out by a professional piercer, was quite common to happen with septum piercings.

I had to flip it up and down all the time (up in front of my parents and at school, down at all the other times), even when it was still fresh, which caused some pain in the first few days, especially because my nose has swollen a wee bit. I was told to clean it twice or so a day with saline solution, but it was more like twice a week for me. I admit, I wasn't taking a great care for my piercing, but later it turned out just fine.

I was really proud of my piercing for the first 2 or 3 days, I kept showing it off and phoning random friends I haven't seen for months, to tell them I got my septum pierced. Most of my friends kept asking if it was very painful, did it bleed much, etc. They were surprised to hear it didn't hurt me much at all. I keep telling people, the worst part when a septum piercing is healing is the next day, when it's all swollen, the process of the needle piercing your skin is really fast and almost non-painful, nothing to be scared of (like I was at first).

I'm still proud of my piercing, It's been over 1 year since it's been pierced and okay, I didn't take the best care of the fresh wound, but it healed perfectly, no infections or anything. It took around 2 weeks to stop hurting at all, I changed my piercing to a smaller barbell in a month, and in around 2 months, I think it was fully healed. Nowadays, if anyone says how bad DIY piercing can go, I just tell them it went completely fine in my case.


submitted by: BloodxxDoll
on: 23 Sept. 2010
in Septum Piercings

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