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Oops: One Man's Misadventures In The World Of Nipple Piercing

When I was eighteen years old in the spring of 1999, roughly around March, I wanted to get my first piercing. I had started getting into tattoos, but didn't at that time have any piercings. I knew that I wanted to get my nipple, and eventually both nipples pierced. My inspiration was that two of my favorite rock stars, who I at that time somewhat modelled myself after, being Tommy Lee and Axl Rose both had pierced nipples. Those were the guys who I wanted to be like at that age. That in and of itself is not a very good reason to get pierced, however, I did like the idea of having it done, and thought it would look good on me. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I wanted to go through with it, but didn't really know how. I was not familiar with piercings at the time. I thought all piercings and body jewelry were virtually the same, and knew nothing about guages or things of that nature. I had a friend named Rick who actually had his wife drive a safety pin through his nipple, and thought I would do something similar. I went to Wal-Mart late one night, and bought a cheap sewing kit, a bottle of alcohol, and a pair of hoop earrings. I'm sure you can see where this is going, and are probably enjoying a good laugh at my young cluelessness. I sat in my small, one room efficiency apartment, and drank a soda bottle I had filled with some friend's parents' nasty gin. I sterilized a sewing needle and thought I was going to shove that thing through my nipple. I tried and tried, thinking there was some perfect angle where it would be bearable and not feel like bloody murder. Probably very fortunately, I couldn't get it. There was no easy push that would get through relatively painlessly. That SOB hurt so bad, there was no way I could bring myself to do it. Perhaps it could have been accomplished by jamming it through real hard and real fast, and I'm sure it would have been all kinds of bad and messed up, but I had been trying to go slowly, and start pushing pretty gently and slowly increasing pressure. Lucky for me it didn't happen.

Well, this didn't change anything. I still wanted it done. So, I guess I would have to break down and take it to a professional. I earned just enough money in tips one night delivering pizza that I could go and have it done. I went to Bohica and Esbam (B & E) Tattoo Company in Dothan, Alabama, where I had recently had some tattoos done by Baron. I told Baron what I wanted to have done, and he was glad to accommodate. I told him I wanted to start with getting my left nipple pierced. He showed me the jewelry I had as options to choose from, and he told me that it would be best to start with a caged bead and hoop or a barbell for the initial piercing, and if I wanted anything else later, then to switch to that after the healing process was complete. I didn't want a barbell, I chose the caged bead and hoop. I noticed immediately that it was a good bit thicker than I had thought it would be (this being your standard 14 guage). When I saw the 14 guage needle to be used, I noticed it appeared to be about the size of a toothpick. I gotta admit, that needle was pretty intimidating. I'd had several tattoos, but the realization that needle that size was going to go through my nipple (and a lot deeper than I originally imagined) was pretty nerve-racking. Still, this wasn't going to slow me down or get in my way. It was going to be done, no doubt about it! It was time to man up and take it! So, I sat back in the chair and tried to be comfortably. Baron talked to me as he set up, and encouraged me and talked me through the whole process. He drew two dots on my nipple with a purple marker to mark where the needle would enter and exit. Next, he brought out these long, steel clamps that looked like some kind of surgical tool. I wasn't exactly sure what that was to be used for. Come to find out, it was to clamp down tight on my nipple to hold it still, and pinch it tightly together for the needle to be able to go more easily through. To say that wasn't comfortable would be an understatement, but okay, I'm still hanging in there, still feeling it. I'm not easily backed away by some discomfort, but I'm also realistic, and I'll tell you when something hurt. The clamp wasn't too comfortable to me. However, I don't think it was quite enough to prepare me for what I was about to feel. Baron talked to me and kept me calm, and told me we were about to be done with it. He counted down, and when he got to the end of the count down, he jammed that needle all the way through my nipple. Let me put it to you this way: I was now awake. I was completely alert. Baron knew this due to some of the explitive words coming from my mouth. Not only that, but we had a problem. The needle had not gone straight through the areola which is the proper way to perform a male nipple piercing. It had gone in through the areola, but came out where the areola and actual nipple met. It hurt like all get out, and there was another problem: the jewelry had seperated from the needle, and it didn't seem as though Baron was going to be able to line it back up. I did not like the sound of that. That would mean having to go through it all over again at a later time. Noooooo! Somehow, some way, Baron was able to manage a miracle and lined the jewelry back up, and complete the procedure. I was very thankful for this. Now the ring was through, and it had to be clamped shut to hold the bead. Baron broke out another surgical type instrument he would use to clamp the jewelry shut. He clamped down on the ring, and began squeezing it shut. And then it slipped. The tool slipped, jarring the jewelry and my nipple in one very painful movement. It felt like my nipple had just been ripped off, and Baron kind of freaked for just a moment, which led me to believe that it had indeed been ripped off. He saw that I was okay, I saw that I was okay, and he clamped it the rest of the way shut.

So, now I had my nipple pierced. It was done, and I was glad for that. Baron went over cleaning instructions with me, although I believe I was pretty ready to leave at this point, so I don't think I was paying much attention. The healing process was marked with mistakes on my part due to not paying attention (I am much better about that now, and am good about healing tattoos!). I used several things on it to prevent infection, and this is probably why it never completely healed for a long time. For one, I would rotate my new ring with antibiotic cream, that is one thing Baron recommended. It would get stuck from scabbing and dried pus and all sorts of nastiness, so I would rotate it a lot. Sometimes it was very hard to rotate, so I would soak my nipple in hydrogen peroxide. I know now that this is a huge mistake in healing a body piercing. Anyway, I used hydrogen peroxide. It never seemed to get infected, but for a long time, it didn't really seem to get any better. There would be a tiny bit of what appear to be pus coming out sometimes, especially when I rotated it. After a while several months that stopped.

Life with the piercing was pretty good. I did like it. I thought it looked good. It was pleasurable. My girlfriend would lick on it or suck on it, and it felt great. Since then, though, I have found my nipple to be very sensitive, to the point where I often don't want my nipples to be touched, as it feels unpleasant. I enjoyed it while I had it. My girlfriend gave me a new piece of jewelry for my birthday that year, which was a green titanium piece. It was actually supposed to be a tongue ring. It was a like a barbell, but one of the bead was connected to a caged bead and hoop. In a tongue piercing, the barbell would go through the tongue, and the caged bead would rest on top of the tongue. I wore it with the hoop going through my nipple and the barbell hanging down.

By the end of the year, I joined the Navy, and while going through Boot Camp, the piercing healed up, and couldn't be reopened without being repierced. I wasn't supposed to have body jewelry in the Navy, and eventually it would have been found out, so I decided against having it redone. I wasn't too gung ho about it at that point anyway. I've been without that piercing for over ten years now. It was fun while it lasted, but I don't have any plans to have it redone. It left my nipple shaped slightly strange, and parts of my nipple, mainly the exit hole grew, and now my nipple looks slightly deformed, although most people wouldn't notice it without it being pointed out. That and the fact that my nipple is now extremely sensitive (much more sensitive than even when I actually had the jewelry in), and it's not very pleasurable anymore. I enjoyed it while I had it, but I'm afraid I wouldn't do it again on my own accord. I might do it if my girlfriend would really like it, but otherwise, I will probably remain without. I'm not saying I would go back and not get it if I had the choice, it's a good memory, but I don't like the way my nipple looks now.


submitted by: Sgt_Harry
on: 03 Sept. 2010
in Standard Male Nipple Piercings

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