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My 3x Helix (And Its Sorrows)

This is a tale of ears. Or, rather, just the right one. Boring, melodramatic back story (before we get to the blood and physical pain): I knew for about a year I was going to get either 3 helix piercings or an industrial before I actually got pierced. I loved the aesthetics of both, (still do) but couldn’t decide and didn’t want both at the same time. I didn’t know when I was going to go under the needle, but by golly, I was going to someday. Fast forward: In December, the guy I had been seeing broke it off with me, and I later found out he had been sleeping with a dear friend (and any other vagina that came within 20’ of him). Not the point. It was then, I decided, that I needed a change in my life. So I ran out and got metal jabbed through my ear and started dating sensitive, loyal, and understanding guys, right? No. I got a haircut and got fat off stale Christmas cookies. Trust me, for me, that is considered a major body mod. Unsatisfied with the results of said haircut, I got thinking. Why not get my piercing now? I’m certainly not getting any younger, and I’m feeling daring and adventurous. I opted for the 3x helix on my right ear (the ex had an industrial and that settled the matter) and got through it as best I could. Having had appendicitis a month before, getting pierced felt like nothing. (As you can tell, I had a really bad winter. Really bad.) Then things got sticky. Fast forward four months: Lesson I learned: DO NOT try and fix your piercings alone if you hate inflicting pain upon yourself and don't have the proper tools. It was the day before my opening night for a play I was in, and I knew I was going to have to get clear retainers for my 3 month old helix piercings (3, right ear). I went into the shop I had them originally done at, where they switched out my hoops and put in some rather expensive (for a broke college student) bar-type retainers. Now, going in I knew my piercings were infected, and my ear had swollen up something huge, and I knew I should wait until the swelling went down. Alas, being my stupid, headstrong self, I convinced myself nothing would go wrong because I am college student, therefore invincible, and everything will work itself out in the end for me. I had been hoping to get my original piercer, an awesome guy named Andy, to fix me up with my new jewelry, but he wasn’t in and instead I got the silent Kevin. Nice guy (I think, he didn’t say enough to sway my opinion one way or the other), but neglected to inform me that this type of jewelry falls out easily. Not his fault, probably something I should have assumed, but… Anyway…

A few hours later in the shower, I felt something weird, and realized all three O-rings were missing and one of the bars. The other two bars were half-hanging precariously out of my ear, but I managed to save them. After some panic, knowing I really couldn't afford to get new retainers, especially if they were just going to fall out again, I decided to just put my hoops back in for the night and go to the shop in the morning. Now, I am a very squeamish person when it comes to my own body. I am nearly incapable of inflicting pain upon myself. One hour and a gallon of blood and pus later (along with my patented pain dance after every failed attempt, not a good idea when you share a bathroom with 40 other students), I had gotten my hoops back in at 4am, but was unable to close them properly. I attempted to use my jewelry making tools to close them, but ended up mangling one, semi-mangling my ear, and not daring to touch the other two. This posed a large problem when brushing hair, sleeping, daily functions etc. For the play, I managed to arrange my hair to cover my ear (which I should have done in the first place).

Not having time or money to go back, I had to live with my mangled hoops for two weeks, but I finally went back and got them fixed. They are perfectly fine and happy now. I have no doubt the more experienced modders are shaking their heads in disgust at preteenish- drama and my stupidity in making this a big deal, as my piercer did while fixing the mess(not really, he’s a great, super nice guy that allows me to tip in cupcakes), but hey, it's the one story I got.


submitted by: Cfivecents
on: 29 Aug. 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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