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My Lovely Little Hip Microdermals

The first time I had seen hip piercings was when I was 13. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with the piercing, but had strict parents, so even asking for them was completely out of the question. So I settled on admiring them, and after about a year, I stopped thinking about them for the most part.

However, five years later, my little obsession had resurfaced. By the time I was 17, I’d had my bellybutton pierced and my lobes stretched to 1/2”, and at 18, I’d found myself dying for another piercing. My boyfriend, who surprisingly liked my bellybutton, and, even more surprisingly, LOVED my lobes, hated piercings and tattoos, and any piercings I’d wanted, including my septum, which I could hide easily, he found disgusting. After shooting down any and every piercing under the sun, I found myself quite annoyed with him, and itching even more for another beautiful piercing. It was then that hip piercings had floated back into my thoughts, and I knew that I had to get them. They were beautiful and perfect for my body shape, and I was almost certain that my boyfriend would like these, even if it took some convincing.

Before I even brought the piercing up to him, though, I ran into some problems with the piercing. At my age, I was entirely too smart to get a surface piercing that would almost surely reject, especially in such a high impact area as my hips. After some thought, I’d come up with the possibility of microdermals, but almost immediately ruled them out, because they were semi-permanent, and I wasn’t completely convinced that that was a great idea. Over the next week, though, the thought of microdermals kept popping up, and as unsure as I was of them the previous week, they seemed like a very plausible solution to the surface bars.

The day I absolutely decided on them, my boyfriend picked me up and when we got to his house, I immediately began babbling about them, and wouldn’t shut up. He saw pictures of them and was immediately opposed to them, but for the next few days, I wouldn’t shut up about them. He, however, wouldn’t budge his opinion on them, and I let up on getting them for a while.

About a month later, I brought it up again, and to my surprise, he seemed a bit more receptive to them. He’d decided that they’d actually be “sexy” on me, and he’d even gone so far as to research the procedure of the piercing, look into the jewelry they’d use for it, and watch videos of actual piercings. We’d decided that we’d go to get the piercings two days after my graduation party.

The days quickly passed, and I found myself in his car, on the way to the piercing parlor much sooner than I’d expected. I was completely nervous about the procedure, and my hand was shaking a little bit as I filled out the forms for the piercing. The wait for the piercer seemed like forever, and when it was time to go back for the piercing, my legs felt like jell-o. The piercer had asked if I’d wanted one side done, or if I wanted both sides done, and I’d opted for one side- my right. She’d marked the spot where the microdermal would sit, and had me sit down. Once in the chair, I relaxed completely. I closed my eyes as she unpackaged the punch and jewelry and cleaned the spot on my hip. I turned my head in the opposite direction, keeping my eyes closed out of fear for the big pinch. The piercer began massaging and pinching my skin in the area, which was the most painful part of the entire procedure, in all honesty, and it wasn’t even entirely painful. After 10 or 15 seconds of pinching, she held the skin and picked up the punch. She pushed the punch into my skin and moved it around a bit, but I hardly even felt that, other than a sharp sort of pressure. The next thing I know, she’d pushed in the jewelry, which I knew was in from the popping sound it had made, and she was wiping the blood off from around the new piercing. I stood up, feeling amazing, and looked at it in the mirror. It was perfect. After hearing the aftercare and receiving H2Ocean, I was on my way home.

The piercing bled for two and a half days, but was fine after. If I had put pressure on it, it was a little sore, and there was bruising around the piercing for about a week (from the massaging and pinching), but I had absolutely no problems with it. I went a week later to get the other side done, and now both are healing quite smoothly. As long as I wear low cut jeans, they never get caught on anything. These are by far my favorite piercing. I love them, my boyfriend loves them, and even my parents love them. I don't think I could have picked a better piercing.


submitted by: ohmymaddles
on: 22 Aug. 2010
in Microdermals

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