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My Most Missed Piercing

Sadly this story doesn't have an ideal ending. My navel piercing rejected not only once, but twice. I literally cried the first time I had to take it out permanently. I didn't think I would try to pierce it again but I couldn't live without it. Once again, it refused to heal properly and I had to remove it forever... well, until I try a third time in a few months. Anyway, this is my story.

So I wake up one morning, check out the photo gallery on BMEzine and think to myself, "Oh man, I NEED another piercing". Yeah, that's right, if I look at some pictures of piercings online I get jealous and have to go out and get one. See my problem is I always know I want a piercing but I never know what one to get. There are SO many amazing piercings to choose from, how could I possibly pick just one? Well this time, I didn't. I asked my boyfriend which piercing I should get and gave him a few options. (Of course, I ended up getting the other options shortly after, but the navel was his choice.)

Now, earlier in the summer I had talked to my friend about getting pierced together. Not necessarily the same piercing, but just go to the shop together for some company. I figured this would be a great time to do it. So, I call up my friend and tell her I want my navel pierced. She tells me she wants her tongue pierced. This worked out great because I already had my tongue pierced and she had her navel done and we traded stories on the way to the piercing shop to calm each others nerves a bit.

So we get to the shop and I pick out my jewelery. This is the best part because you are just so excited to see what that cute piece of jewelery is going to look like in your skin. I ended up choosing a curved barbell with 2 blue diamonds, 1 on each end. Beautiful!

We sit down, fill out the consent forms and allergy information, etc. Nerve-wracking! I decide I am going to go first. My friend was feeling a little nervous and had to drink some sugar-water so she didn't feel faint. I held my breath and went to the back room while I watched my piercer wash her hands, put on clean fresh gloves and show me my new jewelery and needle. I then had to stand on a taped line on the ground with my legs close together while she measured for the jewelery. I couldn't wait!

She changed the placement once and then inspected again. The placement was good and it was time to lay down and get pierced! The piercer used a clamp to be sure the measurements were right and hold my skin in place while she pierced through it. The clamp actually almost hurt more than the piercing itself. I am suddenly told to take a deep breath and as I release it, a needle slides through. Pretty painless and very quick. It did sting for quite a while afterward, especially when you have to sit down in the car ride home with the seatbelt on. Anyway, I looked in the mirror and admired my piercing. We went to the front of the shop, I paid for my piercing and waited for my friend. She ended up coming back without it done and waited a few more minutes to get up the nerve to get a needle through her tongue! The piercer was very nice and she offered a numbing spray for my friend. She accepted and went back to get pierced. To my surprise, she said she didn't feel a thing! In her tongue! If I recall correctly, I not only FELT mine go through, but I HEARD it as well. Anyway, she paid for hers and we left happily pierced.

I was so happy with my piercing, I cleaned it properly 2-3 times a day with H2Ocean, which I purchased with my jewelery. I even made sure not to do certain exercises at the gym to ensure the piercing would be safe from irritation. Unfortunately, about a month later the piercing looked sad. It had moved downward slowly and the skin between the 2 holes was looking pretty thin. I decided it scared the hell out of me to have a piercing hanging by such small amounts of skin, and I took it out. It was VERY sad. Eight months later, I went through this whole endeavour again, only to have the same thing happen. It has now been over a year since my second attempt at a navel piercing. I miss it like crazy and definitely want it back! I have decided once again that I want a piercing, but this time, I know what my choice will be!


submitted by: SatansAngel666
on: 02 Aug. 2010
in Standard Navel Piercings

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