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my septum project.

I've wanted a facial piercing for over 3 years now, not knowing which one i wanted to get. Initially i wanted snakebites, then my nostril, then back to snakebites. Until eventually i decided i wanted my septum pierced. I thought "Hey, it's simple, practical, and all around awesome."

I've researched the piercing for months. How it was done, the tools used, how to know if your piercer is qualified. I watched many videos of it being done. In almost all the videos, the piercer used clamps. But i also found out that an alternative to the painful clamps were receiving tubes. I figured that only highly experienced piercers would use them. (this will be significant in further reading)

The only problem was, how can i get my parents to say yes.

I worked on my mother for about a year and a half until she finally said yes. But it was my father that really needed convincing. There were several times when i sat down with him to talk to him about it, which always ended up in yelling, and the ultimate answer, NO. But my mom talked to him about it, and he eventually said yes. The next step was to find a place to get it done.

I've had several friends go to Pins and Needles in Brockton, but I'd rather not get pierced in Brockton.. It's an icky city.. Then i was talking to my friend one day about her nose piercing, and she told me she went to Visions in Medway. She said the piercer did really good work, so i looked it up.

Her online portfolio on the shop's website was good, but there weren't any pictures of septums, which made me slightly nervous.

The shop was in an old victorian house, which was already a charmer, for me. Inside the walls were purple (my favorite color) and there was art all over the walls. When we went to make the appointment i spoke to a girl at the counter (whom of which i wish i remembered the name of, she was pretty kool) about the piercing. I asked if they used the clamps, which i heard hurt wicked bad), because i think there would be less chance of a crooked piercing. Unfortunately they don't use the clamps, rather the recieving tubes, which i had also reasearched.

None the less i was assured that the piercing would be done properly, with no complications.

So a week later i went back for my appointment with my mom and my friend, and i was put in the chair almost imediately. They remembered me, and exactly what i wanted. So then the piercer, Mia (who is incredibly adorable) had me sit on the piercing bed, and went over everything about the piercing. How to clean it, how to hide it, how long it takes to heal. The room itself had a very clean aoura to it. It resembled a doctor's office, except not as scary. (at least for me anyway)

She then cleaned inside my nose and told me "I hope this is the first, and last time someone else picks your nose". Little did she know, it wasn't.. (not that i wanted it to happen either, but thats another story.) but i kept that to myself. Then she took out a toothpick, and put some ink on it to mark inside my nose. She told me to lay down on the bed with my head hanging off the end so she could see in my nose.

She brought the recieving tube to my nose, and the needle, checked the alignment once again, and told me to take a deep breath through my mouth. On the exhale she put the needle through. It didn't hurt very bad, but there was definately pain. It was sharp and quick pain though. It was an odd feeling with the needle resting in my nose while she prepared the jewelry. As she was putting in the ring (which was a circular barbell) the pain was much worse than the needle itself. Not unbearable, but mostly uncomfortable.

The ending ball was put on, and she squeezed the ring to make it tighter. I sat up, and she let me look in the mirror, and what do i see? A crooked piercing... It wasn't bad, but it still wasnt straight. My mom noticed right away. Mia told me if i wanted it redone she would do it for free. But oddly enough i was satistfied with it as it was.

I knew how to alter the piercing to make it less crooked. As it was healing i would sort of bend it in my nose, or nudge it to make it straighter.

8 weeks later, and its perfectly straight! I love the piercing very much. But for my next piercing, maybe i'll go to Pins and Needles..


submitted by: FuLucy
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Mia
Studio: Visions
Location: Medway

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Sunday, February 27, 2011 @3:25 a.m.
This sounds like a good experience to me. I read that its pretty common for septum piercings to look a little crooked after you first get them and its usually always correctable in the manner you described.
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:07 p.m.
Hello dear, hope you are doing great, am miss Victoria but my friends call me Vicky i must say this i developed an interest on you immediately i view your profile and you are such a nice person which every human on earth will like to have as a friend and i was moved to let you know. please i will want you to writes on me via my e-mail ([email protected]) i have something very vital in my private life to share with you i will tell you more about my self when you writes back at me on my e-mail box. and you will get my pictures too. i awaits your response; remember love has no boundaries kisses.

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