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$80 to put in, $80 to take out

This is the story of my two lovely chest microdermals, from their birth to shortly before their death.

It was one of those days where you just get an itch for yet another piercing. Even though I had waiting at least the healing time between piercings, my navel had only been done for a couple weeks and was crooked despite two attempts, but the second was straighter than the first. The only reason this matters is because the piercer, Jason, who had done my navel was having a sale on his services to generate revenue to move to a new shop. Microdermals were $40 a piece, although Jason said he'd give me a deal of $20 a piece if I got more than 4. My original plan was to have 5 anchors, two right under my collarbone on my left shoulder and three along the edge of my ribcage.

It was a beautiful day in early May I do believe, and my roommate Tonia needed her navel done as myself and our third roommate Taleesha had done, all by Jason. I had decided on my dermals and the three of us went down together. Tonia went first and survived admirably.

Then it was my turn. I pick out the jewelry (two green gems for my collarbone, three red gems for my ribs) and Jason prepares the area. Granted, the gems were non-autoclavable according to him, but they were prepackaged. We decide to do my collarbone ones first, and he cleans the area, and marks it. I disagree with the first placement and the dots are moved. I then lay down and he pinches the skin, and uses the dermal punch on my skin. It hurt, not going to lie. The pain was bearable but neared my threshold right before he removed the punch. He then inserted the anchor and pushed it in, with equal amount of pain. The process is repeated for the second, about a quarter of an inch down my collarbone. I didn't want to do this three more times so I decided to forgo the rib anchors, which ended up being to my later benefit. He puts the little round band-aids on, doesn't really give me good instruction (never really did for my septum or navel either), and we leave.

For the next few days they look like absolute hell. I read somewhere that the band-aids should be used at night, although I only did this for two nights due to the irritation that they were causing. I pretty much LITHA, and make sure to let them rinse well when I was in the shower. I shortly noticed that the one that was a little higher up sat directly under where my bra straps laid and despite my efforts, never lost the bruising. The lower one healed nicely, or so I thought.

Two weeks ago was when the problems started.

I somehow managed to go two days without looking at my dermals, and when I finally saw them, the good one (the lower one), had started to reject. It was red and the base had started to poke out of my skin. A couple days later, a friend of mine and myself stopped at a local tattoo place for an opinion (as Jason had never moved into the new place, worked at a different place for a while, and finally is now just doing house calls). The lady there points out the little red streak pointing downwards from my piercing and informs me that it is deeply infected and I need to go to the hospital relatively soon to get antibiotics. Unfortunately, she could not remove them for me due to lack of tools and experience. We bs for a while, and they say some things about Jason as it seems tattooists are wont to say of each other and we leave.

Later that night, we go to the hospital, and the doctor had no clue what she was looking at and did not want to remove them either because of the chance of her doing more damage than good. She prescribed me amoxicillan mixed with something else and we go home.

A week later, what was once the good microdermal has almost worked its own way out entirely, and the antibiotics gave me something that we thought was a yeast infection, but it wasn't (I am never touching Monistat again) but the infection in the piercing is gone.

I am sad to be losing one of my piercings, but I almost asked for it, going to a piercer who wasn't as experienced as he could be (or sanitary, although I don't blame him for the infection due to the time between the piercing and the infection), and for the placement. Apparently, microdermals can be too close together, and they tended to rub together if I wasn't careful how I slept on my side. Another lesson: These piercings can and do reject. Although they are supposed to be a "put-anywhere" option for surface piercings, they are not invincible, and require rigorous cleaning for a lot longer than the three-week healing time that Jason told me.

Good luck!


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