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I want my... nipples pierced!!

Since I was 16 I've been wanting to get my nipples pierced. I'm not exactly sure what led me to them, but they've always been both fascinating, and, in my opinion, gorgeous. Two weeks ago I turned "legal", and that day I went to go get my conch pierced, but I was itching for more. Over the two years of waiting for the chance to walk into a shop and scream at the top of my lungs "I want my NIPPLES pierced!" I finally, on impulse, I drove over to the best piercing studio I knew of, threw my caution in the wind, and did it.

So I walked into Skin Art Gallery and approached a man at the counter, asking if the piercer was in. He told me she was finishing up lunch, so I took the time to look through the artists portfolios in admiration. The man I was talking to, presumably the owner, asked me what I wanted and I say, coyly but as confident as I could "Nipples." The thing, for me, is that I'm not scared of the needles (I've got a high pain tolerance), but I'm more shy than most girls, and talking to a stranger about my breasts wasn't exactly fun, but someone had to pierce 'em! A couple other guys asked me about the piercings, saying it was "admirable" and that it should be "a lot of fun" as I waited for Sarah, the piercer, to return from lunch.

As soon as she returned I told her what I wanted as she gave me some paperwork to fill out as she set up the room. Both nipples would be $70, so I handed her $85 for the cost plus tip. She led me back to the room and pulled a down the blinds and put the curtain down (they were thin blinds and fabric so I could still visibly see out and people could clearly see in, but I had no choice but to ignore it).

Sarah showed me all the equipment as she pulled them out of new bags and cleaned me off as she explained the procedure. She wrapper the shaft of the clamps in a rubber band as I sat up on the table, and then she marked me. Sarah explained the shape and size of breasts affect the placement and that she would mark them a certain way so they would heal straight. (For the record, they're a D cup but regularly shaped, so I'm guessing she does that for all clients). I expected to lay down on the table but she went ahead and had me uncross my legs as she adjusted the clamp. I didn't look, but I could hear a group of guys chatting around the piercing room, so I just thought "Take it like a man!". Deep inhale... and the first needle went through. In general when getting piercings, I focus on a spot on the wall in the room and concentrate on it for dear life, which really, really curbs most of the pain. I just faintly said "Shit" really quietly as she put in the barbell and moved on to the next one. This one hurt a little more, but I focused on the same spot and I was done! Sarah went on to say that I'm the best person she's pierced because I don't complain/scream/get freaked out about the needles (my mindset: why walk into a shop just to complain/shit your pants? That will make you psych yourself out and it will annoy the people who work there!)

She cleaned up and gave me the cleaning instructions after bandaging me up. It's been quite a few hours since I got them done, and I'm mildly sore because of driving and taking off the banadages to show a friend of mine after I left the place.

Thus far, I'm super impressed with my new set of piercings. As I walk around or go to places, I feel like I'm hiding a really sexy secret. They aren't causing me problems, and I'm especially excited for them to heal up. For anyone wanting to get their nipples pierced, I recommend

A. Research galore!- The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel about the procedure B. Don't be shy- Ask questions and call your studio ahead. It's your body and piercers love answering questions C. Be confident- THe more, the better. I had more guys see my boobs today than I could ever had imagined. Walk into the shop and don't be scared about telling everyone about what you want done. It is their job after all, and they've seen some really crazy shit before, I promise! D. Enjoy them! I got mine because I personally admire them aesthetically, and I couldn't be more excited to shock my friends and show them off to my boyfriends soon enough!


submitted by: r28hart
on: 15 July 2010
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Monday, August 30, 2010 @11:23 p.m.
I really want to get mine done.. just waiting on my funds to catch up a bit. Not nervous.. just super excited too ^_^ I've been trying to research them a little though.. as far as wanting to breast feed eventually are there any negative side effects? Scar tissue maybe? Lemme know if you've heard anything =)
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:29 p.m.
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