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Triple Helix Spiral

It all started here on BMEzine with a photo of a girl with triple helix spiral in her ear. I was fascinated by how it looked and I couldn't get it out of my mind.Since then I had been planning to get a triple helix spiral for about five months and had done a fair amount of research on local studios that did this piercing. I ended up with two studios in mind, Urban Piercing in Reading and Area 51 in Basingstoke. I had previously had my septum pierced at Urban Piercing and had a great experience there but I had heard great things about Area 51 and was curious. When I looked into Area 51's studio I found out that they had a half-price deal on wednesdays. Half-price piercing? My mind was made up, I was off to Area 51.

I got on a bus with my boyfriend and went all through the countryside before getting off in Basingstoke and had lunch so that my blood sugar was nice and level. After about a half-hour of butterflies I found the studio and went in. They have a great range of body jewellery which I had a quick look at and then went up to the counter and asked for the piercing. I was given in the standard form to fill in - no I don't have any nasties in my blood, no I don't have a clotting issue etc. and signed on the line. No turning back, this was it! I paid a brilliant £17.50 due to the half-price offer and the owner Duncan introduced himself as my piercer.

I chose a 1.6mm purple titanium spiral which would be the target jewellery and we went into the back room. He gloved up and cleaned my ear first then marked the rough position to see if I was happy with it (it was spot on) and then marked the entry and exit points of the three twists on the spiral. Duncan then laid all the bits and pieces out (this place is cleaner than my local hospital by a long way) and got started. He did the three piercings without hanging around so it hurt less than expected but the last one made me flinch. I had previously picked out three sterile labrets which would be used until they had healed and then the spiral would be threaded through. As is always my luck I chose to have all three as purple labrets but he only had two left so I had to have a green one and two purples. As Duncan explained to me, having them heal as separate piercings would put less pressure on the whole area and if I knocked it by accident it wouldn't interfere with the other two holes.

After Duncan cleaned me up he showed me the piercings and I was over the moon. The whole process from entering the room to leaving took a little over five miniutes and was very professional. I think that despite also having a great experience at Urban Piercing I will continue to go to Area 51. I now have to wait patiently and keep cleaning the piercings for at least another week before I can get the spiral threaded in but I am so excited to see the finished piece.

On the bus ride home I think I felt every bump in the rtoad as me ear was throbbing. Each time we drove over a bump I would wince and my very caring boyfriend found it very funny. I warn you now fresh piercings, public transport and rumble strip are never meant to go together!

I have now been caring for my piercings for three weeks and they are a bit of a pain. Despite doing my best to lay on my left side I seem to roll over in my sleep. My ear is a bit sore now from sleeping on it which temporarily sets back the healing time. I'm not sure there is any real way to prevent this but I will keep up with my sea salt soaks and try and prop my head up on a pillow so I can't lay flat on the piercing. I know cartillage piercings are a real bitch to heal anyway but three together is pushing it a bit, for me anyway. I hope that in the next few weeks I will be able to thread the spiral in so that it can do the final bit of healing exactly in line.

Update: It has been a week since I typed the last piece and I have managed to get the spiral in today with the help of a trusty insertion pin. It took a few goes and a fair amount of swearing as it is really fiddly to do without scraping the inside of the piercings. This has been one of my most complicated piercings so far but I think that in the end it was really worth it. It looks kick ass now!!


submitted by: nymphetamine
on: 27 June 2010
in Industrials and Orbitals

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