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My 2g Lip Piercing

Back in the summer of 2009 my friend and I went on vacation to Virginia Beach and while we were there we found some fake lip rings. Ever since then I have wanted to get my lip pierced, snakebites to be more specific. We wore the fake lip rings to school to try and fool people but of course it didn't work so I went home and asked my parents if I could get my lip pierced for real and they said no. So what do I do? I go to my friend who is training to become a professional body piercer and have her piere one side of my lip for me. The piercing was very pain free and healed up fine. My parents found out about it and they never really told me to take it out so I didn't. A few months later I started to really get into body modification and I began seeing a lot of pictures of people with stretched labret piercings and then I saw a few people who had stretched snakebites and I thought they looked awesome so I decided that I was going to start stretching my side lip piercing and I would only go to a 0g and then when I got the other side done I would go to 3/4 inch in both sides.

The following week I went out and got some 12g tapers and plugs and I stretched my lip to a 12g without really knowing what I was doing at the time. It didn't hurt at all and it went in with ease so 3 days later I stretched my lip to a 10g. Man was that a mistake, I is still one of the most painful stretches I have ever expierienced with my lip. I decided that since I probably ripped or damaged my lip in someway by doing this that I would wait a month before I went up to an 8g, but being the impaitient person that I am I could only wait 3 weeks before I just had to stretch my lip to an 8g.

Right before my stretch to an 8g I discovered my local piercing shop called "Body Jewel" which is where I would end up buying all of my jewelry up until a 4g. It didn't hurt nearly as much as the strech to a 10g did but it still hurt quite a bit. After having the 8g in for a couple of weeks I discovered that the plugs I was wearing were like cutting into the inside of my lip which is a problem I still have today because ever since "Body Jewel" closed I have had to wear ear plugs in my lip because there are no more places in my area that sell lip plugs. Once again I decided to wait a month before I stretched my lip to a 6g and once again I only waited 3 weeks. This stretch didn't hurt at all, but this time even thought the stretch to a 6g didn't hurt and it went in very easily I was going to wait a month no matter what. I ended up having to lock up my plugs and tapers so that I wouldn't streched to a 4g too early.

After a month passes I stretched to a 4g and omg did that hurt. I really wish that I would've had some teflon tape back then. The pain went away after about a day and soon a month passes and I attemped to stretch to a 2g, but since the local piercing shop closed the only place there was to buy jewelry was Hot Topic and everyone knows how bad their jewelry sucks. The 2g tapers and plugs that I bought from there weren't about .5mm bigger than a 2g which made it even more difficult to stretch my lip. After 6 trys and about 2 more weeks with me either not being able to get the plug in after I got the taper through or me having to put the plug in backwards and it falling out while I was asleep, I finally got the plug in and I have had it in for about a week and I plan to stretch to a 0g next month which will probably be the last size until I get the other side done.

I found out during this stretch that I have some weird like scar tissure or something on the inside of the hole that just did not want to fit over the edge of the plug. I really hope that this scar tissue doesn't keep me from being able to reach my goal size in my lip which is 3/4 inch. Soon the person that runs the plug company called "In Retrospects Organics" will start making the first lip plugs he has ever made just for me because I told him about my problem of not being about to buy any around here and he said that he would make me some so that I would have more comfortable plugs to use to stretch up to 3/4 inch.


submitted by: Twinky8888
on: 15 June 2010
in Scalpelled and Large Gauge Lip Piercings

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Location: Lancaster

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Sunday, December 4, 2011 @10:26 p.m.
What kind of plugs did you use for the 12 gauge?

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