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Two more ear piercings

For a few years now I had wanted more piercings going up my left ear. I already had 5 but I decided I want them going all the way up and round the top of my ear, but I just never got round to getting them done as I wanted a couple of other things done first. So finally I decided to get them done whilst I was back at home from university, at Adrenaline in Luton. Most of my friends had already gone back to uni so I didn’t have anyone to take with me, but I really wanted to get them done so I decided to go on my own which I haven’t done before. I wasn’t actually that scared whilst I was on my way into town, possibly because I’d only decided a couple of days before so I hadn’t had too long to think about it and get worked up over it.

Once I got into town I went and got myself a sugary drink and then headed to the piercing place. I told them I wanted 2 more in my ear, filled out the form and luckily there was no one else waiting so I could go straight in. The longer I wait the more scared I get so this was a relief to me! I warned the piercer I don’t like needles and that I might feel dizzy or faint, so she could put the needles out of sight. She cleaned my ear and made sure she had the right size ball closure rings (BCR’s) ready which were 10mm in diameter to allow for swelling and the gauge is 1.2mm, the same as my others.

And now we were ready for the first piercing. It felt like quite a sharp hard pinch, painful but only enough to make me scrunch my face up a little. It was quite sore putting the jewellery in too. I don’t think she used cannula needles, it felt more like she was following through with the jewellery, as from my experience I think it’s a bit smoother with the cannula when inserting the jewellery, and I don’t remember her snipping the needle off. I could be wrong though, I didn’t ask what needle it was and didn’t look, I was trying my best to ignore anything about the needles! I always wish I asked afterwards though so I knew a bit more about the process. The second one was slightly more painful, probably because my ear was already sore. After the second one I started to feel a tiny bit dizzy so I had a lie down on the bed whilst she finished putting the ball in the BCR and cleaned up my ear. They bled quite a bit apparently so I waited a while whilst they stopped and then she cleaned them up which stung quite a lot. Once this was over I sat up and I felt okay so I was happy there was no fainting! I’m not sure of the piercers name but she was very nice and kept checking if I was ok during it all.

When I looked in the mirror my ear was bright red and a bit swollen but by the time I got home a couple of hours later it was back to normal colour and isn’t really swollen at all which is surprising for me. Maybe because it was so cold outside it helped reduce the swelling! For aftercare I did sea salt soaks twice a day, but for the first night I left it alone. I’m happy with how the piercings look as now I have them pretty much all the way up to the top, and they will look even better when these are healed and I can change them to slightly smaller BCR’s.

After the first night my ear was a little swollen but I had managed to mostly lay on my other side luckily. When I did want to lay on that side I put my head on a cushion with my ear off the side so I wasn’t pressing it and that seems to work fairly well. I have knocked it a couple of times but not badly, like when taking jumpers off and putting my hair behind my ear. But I’m trying to keep my hair up in a ponytail or plait as much as I can otherwise I constantly put it behind my ear when it’s down and always end up knocking it or getting my hair caught round it. I’ve learnt that from painful past experience! By the third day the piercings still weren’t crusty or anything yet, just a little bit of blood round the top hole that I hadn’t quite been able to clean off yet, I didn’t want to go poking it too hard and aggravate it. After about a week my ear decided to swell up and go red. I think possibly I’d rolled around on it in the night a bit. It took quite a while for it to go down, but that’s usually the case with me. It started to get a bit crusty by this point but not too much.

After a month or so I developed hypertrophic scarring or ‘the bump’ on the lower piercing. This is a regular occurrence for cartilage piercings of mine so I treated it how I usually would. As well as doing my sea salt soaks I started doing hot compresses with camomile tea bags. As usual, this worked in reducing the bump slightly for a short period of time but then it started to get a bit bigger again. So despite my best efforts at using less harsh treatments, once again I started using tea tree oil. It has now reduced quite significantly in size so I will keep that up and hopefully it will be completely gone soon. I’ve had the new piercings for about 5 months now and they still get a little bit crusty sometimes so I give them the occasional sea salt soak, and they are still a little uncomfortable to sleep on sometimes, but in general they are doing well and I am very happy with them.


submitted by: hoboqueen
on: 02 June 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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