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Septum piercing (27/05/10)

Having not had a piercing since my labret, I found myself bitten by the bug once more when I moved back down to Portsmouth. My labret was my first piercing and though Portsmouth is not my home town, I am far more familiar with the various piercing studios here than back at home so it made sense to wait till I was back here... even if that was a year and a half.

My labret was my first piercing ever and ever since then I have been thinking of getting more, but couldn't decide what I wanted. Unlike with my labret, there weren't any that I REALLY REALLY wanted in the same way as my labret. Then I came across the septum. Well, I say came across... more seriously began to consider it. I know several people with this piercing and admired it on them, but wasn't sure if it would suit me. After thinking on it for several months I thought 'sod it. I don't care if it doesn't suit me, I'm going to go for it.' So I found myself heading out of the house this morning (27/05/10) to go get it done.

I headed to the place that did my labret (Lady Luck Tattoo Studio on Fawcett Road) as I'd had an awesome experience there (Lisa is lovely) and it had been recommended by several of my pierced friends. Alas it was not to be... Lisa couldn't do the piercing for me (either because she didn't have the jewelry for it, or wasn't willing to do it. Which it was I'm not entirely sure.) I was rather disappointed as I was really looking forward to the piercing... until Lisa recommended another nearby studio- Body Images on Fratton Road.

I had my reservations as I had not heard all that much about them, but figured that since Lisa was recommending them to me, they really couldn't be all that bad. So off I toddled down the road. The studio doesn't look like much from the outside, but once inside I was pleasantly surprised. It was light, bright and clean with walls covered in some AMAZING tattoo art. I filled in the paperwork, paid for my piercing (£30 though it cost me £24 as I had a valid student I.D.) and waited to be called through to the piercing room.

Sarah (I think that was her name... definately began with an S, but her name has just gone from my head. Sorry! She had awesome blue hair though, which has made me miss mine... no doubt I'll end up dyeing it in a week or so :P) was lovely, and really reassuring. She has several facial piercings herself, including 2 septums so was able to talk from experience. I don't know about anyone else, but I am found myself less nervous given that she had several piercings herself. (Lisa at Lady Luck did not have any facial onces at the time- she had had them in the past as I found out after chatting to her once she had done my labret- and I found that that made me more nervous for some entirely irrational reason.)

She had everything laid out on a tray when I came through, ready to go, though she had not opened the sterile bags. She did all of this in front of me so I could see that everything was clean and sterile. While she was doing that she had me blow my nose and then clean round the inside of it with an alcohol wipe. Note to self: Alcohol wipes smell REVOLTING... don't breathe in through nose when using one.

Once I had recovered from the trauma of inhaling the alcohol, she had me sit down and tilt my head back. She tried to mark a place on my nose, but couldn't comfortably reach, so I had to slouch down slightly :P Once that was done she put the clamps on, warning that they would probably be incredibly uncomfortable and to tell her if they were too painful. After clamping she talked me through the piercing process itself and warned me that it may be rather painful; there would certinaly be tears, even if there was no pain due to the nerves and stuff in the nose. After chatting to me for a bit to reassure me, she got ready to pierce... she checked I was ready and asked me to take a deep breath in and then slowly breathe out. As I was breathing out she started to pierce.

I was prepared for it to hurt... and hurt it certainly did! I was prepared for the eye watering and stuff though and couldn't help giggle slightly at the pain (yeah I deal with pain in a weird way) and at my eyes watering. Once the needle was through and she took the clamps off, there was next to no pain at all, it stung a little but that was it. I think the majority of the pain I felt was from the clamps :P. Either way, she snipped off the plasic tube a little and gathered up the jewelry. It was a weird experience seeing something sticking through my nose... though not quite as weird as the feeling of being like a fish on a hook when I had my labret pierced. She fed the ring through, warning that it would sting as she did it. I think that hurt more than the actual piercing. I started sneezing like crazy once she had fed it through, which amused her- apparently she did exactly the same thing, and she was glad I had contained the sneezing till it was all the way through.

Once she had put the ball in and cleared everything up, she talked me through the aftercare. This was a pleasant surprise as after my labret, they just gave me a printed sheet and sent me on my way. Here, I was actually talked through everything, and even show how to clean it and stuff (she demonstrated on herself, which was really helpful.) and also told me how to deal with it if it started looking a little crooked once any swelling had gone down, to stop it healing wonky. She also gave me a printed sheet so i had all the info to hand. She warned me about swelling and stuff and told me to come back to the studio at any time if I had any questions or concerns about my piercing or wanted the jewelry changing once the piercing was healed. She talked me through the choices once it was healed and was generally pretty awesome, dealing with all my questions.

I am incredibly pleased with this piercing. I love it already. It looks a little crooked at the moment, though that is definately due to some slight swelling rather than it being done wonky. It definately hurt way more than my labret, but the pain wasn't unbearable. I would recommend this piercing to anyone. I would also really recommend Body Images to anyone considering piercings. Though I had not heard much about the studio and hadn't really noticed it, (I walk past it most days) it proved to be an amazing studio with really professional, friendly staff and was as clean as clean could be. I'm going to be going there for all of my piercings from now on and may even go there for my tatts :P. It definately wont be a year and a half till my next piercing that's for sure!


submitted by: Tashishka
on: 02 June 2010
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Sarah (I think... her name definately began with an S...)
Studio: Body Images
Location: Fratton Road, Fratton, (Portsmouth) Hampshire

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