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Spontaneous Septum

I love piercings and tattoos, I think they're awesome, so the following may be biased. Take it with a shaker if salt.

I've had a few piercings before, so I know what to expect going into it. Right now I'm in the process of stretching my lobes up to 1". They're at 2g right now and I'm wondering when people will notice my earrings are slowing growing. So far three stretches and no comments. I've also got 8g helix piercings on both earlobes. Those were a pain to heal and one of them even got infected, so I figure at this point I'm pretty much ready for anything that might happen. Aftercare is an afterthought, down to a routine for me now, I think.

Anyway, about a week ago I'd started thinking about having my tongue pierced. I'd had snakebites, which were great, but they'd been removed for the sake of a job interview and closed within eight hours, so I opted to let them heal up. I plan to get that redone later. I'd also tried a centered flat-backed labret at 8g, but the feel of it against my front teeth really bugged me, so I had it taken out too, almost immediately. Lame, right? I know!

I went in to the shop about thirty minutes before closing time, which I figured would leave me the only one there and ready for an immediate piercing. Wrong! It turned out there were four people in front of me. I had an awesome conversation with one of the tattoo artists while I was waiting, and about forty-five minutes later it was my turn.

My piercer walked up to me and asked me how it was going. I said I was great, but she looked at me kinda funny, and asked me why I'd taken my labret out, and I told it I'd done it because I didn't like the way it felt. It seemed a bit lame, but I figured, better be honest than have to come up with some crap, so there it was.

Anyway, I told her I was there to have my tongue pierced, and she asked me to show it to her. One raspberry later she told me to hang tight. After a couple more minutes I was headed back to the piercing room.

I'm just guessing, but I don't think she had much faith in me at this point. She told me she thought my tongue was a bit too short for a piercing to work out well (almost certainly true), and that oral piercings were probably not for me. While I dunno if that's true or not since I plan on redoing the snakebites, when she suggested I have my septum pierced instead, I couldn't resist. I'd considered and wanted this piercing for a long time, and I thought this was the perfect excuse. I agreed immediately!

She said 10g would be cool and that the retainer would be invisible, making it interview proof. "NICE!" I thought to myself. I could probably stretch it a couple of gauges too and still keep it hidden. Once my ears get up to size, I won't really care so much about whether or not a septum piercing is visible, but the fact that I could get it done now and work on it without it showing seemed cool to me.

The piercing itself was pretty much painless. It was a bit different from other piercings I'd had, since there was a tube involved. The tube was pressed up against one side of my septum and lined up with a kind of spot called a "sweet spot" where there's no cartilage. She drew a couple lines with a Q-tip, and then used the back of the sterilized needle she would pierce me with to make sure it was lined up correctly.

She told me I'd tear up for a second when the needle went through, and she was right, but I think biting your tongue probably hurts worse than getting your nose pierced if you go to someone who knows what they're up to. Finding a sweet spot is the key, I guess! You can avoid the cartilage altogether, which I didn't know. If I'd known that, I might have had my septum pierced a long time ago.

Everyone who was in the shop afterhours thought it looked awesome, which was cool, and they even gave me a discount for going with the flow. :)

I definitely recommend a septum piercing to anyone who's thinking about it. You can easily hide it if you want, it feels awesome to have, and it will heal quickly if you have it done in the right place. As far as aftercare is concerned, blowing bubbles in a glass of salt-water is much nicer than holding a cup of it up against your ear for ten minutes if you ask me! So if you're thinking about it, do it!


submitted by: progdog
on: 02 June 2010
in Septum Piercings

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