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- My period cramps hurt more than this !

  • Impulsively one day decided to get 2 more nipple piercings done, already had horizontal bars going across both nips and always wanted crosses so thought I should use my money wisely and go forth with my plans!

When I think about it, these piercings mark a new beginning, the beginning of my Dissertation. Just lovely.

I called to the studio and asked how it works, do I need to book a time or just pop down and apparently they're very relaxed so they just told me to come down when I felt like it. They also have a student discount, which is 15% if I am not mistaken .

Done and said, I went to the ATM, took out enough, got my Bob to also get one of his nips pierced so he'd remind me whenever I need to wash mine because I usually am not very good at remembering to do so [yet all my piercings heal happily and survive!].

Once we got down, we signed the papers, my Bob went first and I waited a few minutes. Not long after was it my turn and it suddenly hit me what I was going to do . . like it always does with me . I realised how I also was wearing the completely wrong clothes . . sexy, tricky lingerie which would undoubtedly wrap themselves around my new bars and tug at them, but that's for later! Looking forward to getting some cute shields for them . . actually .

Before going into the studio I realised I hadn't eaten anything that day, not good at all . . quickly crammed 2 cornish pasties I found somewhere and acquired some Sprite for afterwards, because I usually feel dizzy and strange afterwards. However, I didn't end up feeling that bad this time! So many happy positive people, how could I think of feeling bad ^^

The staff at the studio were adorable and very sweet and talkative. Got to know about an abandoned house nearby which I checked out the next day, considering moving into it perhaps . . The studio is beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is very relaxed . Only thing that annoyed me was that I couldn't watch my Bob getting pierced, but I understand because of the piercing room and how it was constructed, so it's not a minus . I am just used to being able to walk around, taking video or photos of the event!

Carolina was great, very calm and open and we talked about Spain because I had recently come back from studying there and she was from a city not far from the one I lived in while being there. I was very tense but she relaxed me, did the breathing exercise, the pain was there 3 for seconds and then gone, fine. She was very well and very quick and I don't know why I was worried over my 3rd and 4th nipple piercings, realised the day after that they don't come anywhere near the pain I get from period cramps . . which are FUCKING painful .

With that said, no piercings scare me now !

My next ones will be cheek piercings, Earl piercings and getting my Other nostril pierced !

I was very worried in the beginning about using some kind of metal bar, instead of BTFE because I had went with Bob to get his genitals pierced and the piercer said the metal bars can rub against each other and create a problem when it comes to the flesh in-between . It would be non existent . So for some reason I thought the same with my nipples . But the piercer calmed me down and said it shouldn't be a problem, so I hope that it is true and holds in the future (:

Also Carolina used extra long bars, in case it swelled. I think she said she normally puts 16 mm but these ones are 20 mm . Big difference . Yet I think I would damage it much less, if the bars were shorter . But I think she said I could go in after a week and change . . or maybe not, they have to be healed first I would presume .

We'll see .

Oh and I also got a paper with cleaning instructions and we paid and off we were to go about our usual haphazard business .

Now it's been a week and they hurt all the time, I keep annoying them accidentally, wishing I had a tiny chest, imagining that would help somehow . . annoying when it gets stuck to my jewellery but what can you do . . it's like that with many piercings . I love my nipple crosses !

I love the way they make my nipples seem super erect at all times, this can only be a positive thing, right ? ;)


submitted by: 9flg-shirinig
on: 02 June 2010
in Multiple Male Nipple Piercings

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Artist: Carolina
Studio: Old London Road
Location: Old London Road, Kingston Upon Thames

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