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Septum piercing

I live right by (about two blocks away) my favorite tattoo and piercing shop. So Wednesday I walked over to Immortal Ink in Flemington, NJ for a new mod. I decided to get my septum pierced.

I have my nostril pierced twice already and it was about as benign as an earlobe piercing, super easy healing. I didn't have those piercings done at Immortal, but that meant I was about due, right? ;) In any event, I knew this would be a bit more painful. My eyes didn't actually tear up with the nostril piercings but with the septum? Most certainly. Which I'll get to.

Brent was the piercer in that day and he let me know his love of septum piercing (sarcasm, as it's usually a pain in the ass piercing to get straight). He felt around and determined I have a really large soft spot and straight septum so it would be relatively easy to get a straight piercing. I was please to hear my nose could handle the piercing and that it wouldn't be a total annoyance for Brent.

As this is quite a reputable shop and they know me well from popping in all the time, I knew they would be clean and properly autoclave and sterilize their equipment so no worries there. I filled out my paperwork for the piercing while Brent set up the station. I went with a 14g piercing for better healing and, on Brent's recommendation, a retainer so that it could be tucked up in my nose while healing where I can't knock it about and cause damage and/or pain. So into the piercing room I go where he has everything set up and fresh and ready to go.

All needles and clamps and piercings were sealed, autoclaved, and opened in front of me. Brent was very thorough about using and changing his gloves when necessary and following all sterile procedure. So at this point I'll say I highly recommend the place!

From there, onto exploring my nasal cavity. A lot of the process was marking the septum, which kept coming off from cleaning the area, from my breathing, from the inside of the nose being a mucus membrane...but Brent was determined to make sure everything lined up, which was a big comfort. He was going to use a clamp to be sure it was straight, but it didn't end up being necessary. After the marking up and sanitizing, he lined up the receiving tube and the 14g needle. Then the usual process. He had me take a deep breath in, then let out a deep breath slowly while the actual piercing happens. The most painful part of course, but nothing unexpected to report here. It actually felt much better and less achey after he slid the retainer in and removed the needle.

We checked it out to make sure once again it was straight and its straight as an arrow, which is good because...well, who wants to get that done over again just because it wasn't done properly. Props to Brent for being meticulous!

It was quick and easy, but certainly not painless. My eyes watered up, my nose is still sore at the tip, but it's nothing horrible. I have a 14g retainer and I am wearing it up in my nose (hidden) for the first few weeks to avoid hitting it or knocking it out. I'm using Simple Cleanse to clean, twice a day, using a q-tip. It has been relatively easy to clean and is already loosening up to the point where I have to be careful not to push the retainer out when I shift it to clean. Healing well, then. So far so good. It's beginning to crust rather than bleed, so the healing process is trucking along on schedule.

I anticipate being a bit sore for another week or two and then into the moderate healing phase where it's still not good to change the jewelry, but I won't have discomfort. Brent said in about a month and a half I could go in and have him change out the jewelry for me, but we'll see what I decide to wear in the meantime. I'm already collecting retainers and rings that compliment the double nostril piercing without overpowering it. In 3 months I should be completely healed and ready to go.

I've had some good feedback, that it suits my face, etc. Of course not from my mother, she was fairly horrified despite the fact that it's such an easy piercing to hide! But some people just...it's not their cup of tea and it never will be so I take it with a grain of salt ;)

All in all, it was quite a good experience and the piercing is straight as an arrow, comfortable, and healing on track. Thanks for a breezy sitting Brent!


submitted by: watson
on: 02 June 2010
in Septum Piercings

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