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My First "Pop"

 This was awhile ago, but I’ll give it my best shot at remembering all the details.

 During the same appointment as my daith at Trendsetters (early February, 2007), I had also planned on getting an outer conch piercing. I’m pretty sure Trendsetters almost never uses captive bead rings for cartilage piercings (except for daiths, apparently), as when I explain what I wanted (a ring on the edge of my outer conch, not a helix though), they said “Alright, we’ll put in a curved barbell”. I understand that this lowers the amount of knocking around and such though and the curved barbell would allow for a curved fistula for when I wanted to wear a ring in the future, so I wasn’t too hurt… and to this day I actually haven’t worn a ring in it, oddly enough.

 Craig again showed the apprentice how it was all going to be done, assisting her with the marking I believe. At this point I really wasn’t paying too much attention as my head was still all spinny from just having the daith done just a moment earlier. The both of them still continued good practice of gloves and autoclaved jewellery and needles, cleaning the area to be pierced thoroughly, and checking for troublesome veins. Fernanda prepared herself and the tools (just the 14 gauge needle and a “PA tube” to receive it on the other side – much joking about a penis having vicariously touched my ear included), and we did the one, two, three – pierce!

 This didn’t hurt nearly as bad as the daith, but there was definitely a pop as it exited my ear. This made me a little happy since with the three cartilage piercings prior, there was no weird pops or other sound effects to be heard and I really was curious as to what everyone was talking about in their cartilage piercing stories. The jewellery insertion was easy as pie, except for a briefly fumbled barbell ball, which I conveniently caught somehow.

 They went through the usual “this is how you should clean it” routine, giving a free demonstration with refreshingly cool cotton swabs, and then I got up and we exited the room to go pay… $40 even for both piercings as I was only paying for jewellery this time around.

 My ear felt super hot for the next day or two, and tender to the touch around the piercing, but beyond that this piercing wasn’t too tremendously achy. I had more issues with sleeping on that ear due to the daith than the outer conch actually. I only cleaned it religiously for the first week or two, as is usual for me, as I find things heal better with the LITHA method for myself, but basically, it was twice daily sea salt soaks and twice daily bactine swabbings which I skipped altogether… Yes, bad bad me, ignoring the advice of a piercer, but do you blame me? Heh.

 There wasn’t anything spectacular about the healing process except for that by Canada Day 2009, it was still lymphing off and on, and I was getting really annoyed by this. That day, I was just fiddling with my ear piercings and thought I’d pop the barbell out for the first time to get a better look at what the piercing site looked like, as I suspected some of my trouble with it still not being fully healed was due to the fact that it was pierced at an extremely wonky angle (on purpose, I believe), going through my ear on a diagonal so that the back/exit side of the piercing was somewhat closer to the edge of my ear than the front/entry side. It didn’t seem all that odd but I had a hell of a time getting the jewellery back in, which included making myself bleed somehow… and had to get my boyfriend to screw the ball on for me (yes, I failed that much).

 The weird thing was that after that traumatic event, it was pretty much perfectly healed within about two weeks, no more lymphing, tenderness, nothing. I could sleep on it all I wanted, change the jewellery all I wanted and it hasn’t given me any trouble since. I’m now thinking that having the jewellery changed on my daith, which also still lymphs, might help it along to finally healing as well.

 Anyways, that’s about it for this uneventful, pretty simple piercing and story. I do plan on getting two more outer conch piercings, one on either side of my current one so I have a tiny curve of three in a row, following the curve of my ear. I’ll do that as soon as that pesky daith figures itself out! Though, in all honesty, I don’t think I’ll have any more piercings done by an apprentice, no offense to you guys but these were my most bitchy piercings to deal with and were done comparatively slow to my other piercings. I’ll change my mind if future cartilage piercings prove just as bitchy though I guess.


submitted by: Ronyote
on: 02 June 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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Artist: Fernanda
Studio: Trendsetters
Location: Prince George, British Columbia

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