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The Taurus & Her Bull Ring

This septum piercing wasn't exactly planned. I woke up that day, knowing I wanted a piercing. I decided on a tongue web. I drove down to TRX, told Stan that what I wanted and he smiled and asked, "Who's gonna do it for you?" to which I replied, "You?" No, Stan does not do tongue webs... Sad Face. My usual piercer and the only piercer I had let come near me with a needle, Courtney, until that day was in Las Vegas for the APP Conference. So, I sat there, cycling through which piercing I was going to get instead. I'm kind of glad Stan doesn't do webs, because I'm really happy with my bull ring. When I said to Stan that I wanted my septum, he looked at me and asked, "You sure? I mean really sure?" Nod of head several times "Okay, let's do it."

He asked if Courtney had done any free piercings on me and I said no. He looked to Dustin, and Dustin shrugged, noting how he didn't mind. The total for my piercing was $16 and some change (for the jewelry). He told me it was for my birthday and we did a little dance before going back to the piercing room.

Ahhh, yes. The piercing room. Gottta love it =]

I hopped onto the table and he felt the tip of my nose, then made me do some funny faces, which actually didn't really make a difference because my septum and nostrils are almost even with each other. He washed his hands and donned his black gloves. He told me he would have to stick his fingers up my nose and took both pinkies and felt around. He told me the procedure and how he didn't like septum clamps ( he actually bought a pair, tried them on himself and was extremely uncomfortable, and decided he wouldn't put anyone else through that). He used an NRT or needle receiving tube and a cannula'd piercing needle. He had me sit back and rest my head on the back of the bench as he stepped up onto a step beneath the table.

Courtney usually has me breathe in deep and then exhale as she pierces. Stan knows I'm no newb, but I was becoming accustom to this technique. So, as he said, "Here we go," I wasn't expecting the needle, but I did my best to exhale while it was in transit. Mostly, I just clenched my jaw and tried to sit still. That breathing technique really comes in handy though lol.

It was pretty intense. It felt like two thick layers of skin with almost nothing in between. A couple soft pops and the needle was through. the most uncomfortable part about the whole procedure was the cannula. My nostrils press down on the piercing and put a lot of pressure on it. My eyes watered as usual. Stan put in the 14g septum retainer (originally, I opted for a 12g, but they were out) and told me the 90 degree angle can feel awkward, but I didn't even feel the retainer go in at all. I think it was because all of a sudden I didn't have the pressure on my piercing from the cannula, so it was more of relief than awkwardness.

Stan patted away my tears with some gauze, showed me my perfectly straight septum in a mirror, and let me catch my breath. He told me alot of information about septum piercings and his own experiences. He told me of how he first pierced his own septum and was convinced it was crooked so he took it out. After he healed, he tried again, only to produce the same results. Finally, he gave Jim Ward (Yes, THE Jim Ward of Gauntlet!) and told him of his problem. Ward told him how the needle can actually dull before it gets to the other layer of skin and causes a tiny bit more trauma of the exit side. So, the exit side can swell more and make your septum "look" crooked at first. I noticed that he was right. The exit side of my septum was making the retainer look shorter on one side. Although, it does not look this way anymore, after two weeks.

Stan told me to keep the retainer flipped up because it heals better this way. He flipped mine up for me with two Q-Tips, telling me it would prevent bumping and whatnots. Of course, when I got home I flipped it down for a few moments to take pictures! When flipped up, my retainer almost totally disappears. You really have to get up my nose with a bright light to see it.

My septum quickly moved into second of Favourite Facial Piercing (right below my vertical philtrum!) I love how I can just hide it whenever I want. A couple days after I got it done, my dad noticed it after cleaning and said, "Oh my god, you got another one??" I quickly flipped it up and replied, "No.... you're going crazy, Pops." He laughed. I was off the hook lol.

Stan told me to come back in the four weeks following the piercing so he could stretch it to the gauge I originally wanted because it would be easier as it was still "wet." I love the terminology lol. A few days ago, my allergies started acting up though. I thought it would be a problem with a fresh septum, but I found that if the retainer is flipped up, there's absolutely no conflict. Although, once I blew my nose so hard that the retainer got turned down =P

I absolutely love this piercing. I wish everyone had one. Even if you don't think you'd look good with it, if you want a piercing just to have a piercing, you can always hide this one. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's awesome.

Love & Rockets, Cassandra Lee


submitted by: CarefulIBite-1
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Stan DiMan
Studio: Cheap TRX Tattoos & Piercing
Location: Saint Louis, MO

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