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My Very Happy Septum Piercing

've only reasonably recently begun to get into body modification and it's tending to be quite addictive. My first mod was a self done lip piercing (dumb I know but I was well informed and there were no complications with healing or placement). That was followed up with another on the other side, then ears, and now septum. Although I am relatively new to body modification I have plans for numerous other piercing/tattoo and possibly scarification projects in the future. Although I am young, I believe that I have the intelligence and foresight to make decisions about further modifying my body. That out of the way, lets get down to the piercing.

The reason I got it was because a friend of mine basically said she was getting it pierced and wanted someone to come along as she had always been afraid to get pierced (even though she has more than me). I figured what the hell I may as well have it done too, as I had always thought they were an attractive piercing on almost anyone and were easy to hide and made for interesting jewlerry ideas. That being done, I checked that I had a spare $50 and prepared for the morning.

The next morning I texted my friend and caught the bus into town where the studio (Cold Steel) is located. She arrived a little later than me, but eventually we found each other. We walked into the studio and talked to Mark who checked our noses, then, upon deciding our anatomy was fine, said he needed about 30 minutes to get everything ready so we went and grabbed a meal before we got pierced.

30 or so minutes later we went back to the studio and by that time my friend was freaking out pretty badly. Therefore I decided to get pierced first to show her there was nothing to be scared of. Mark led us into the piercing room, which is immaculately clean and has a cute spiderpig figure. He then instructed me to lay down on the table as he grabbed the jewlerry (a 14G horseshoe so I could tuck it up incase i needed to hide it).

He then started feeling around my nose and clamped the area to be pierced. My eyes watered a little but it was nothing too uncomfortable. He then grabbed the needle and on the count of three slid it through. My eyes watered quite alot but in all honestly the pain was nothing too bad. He then threaded the jewlerry into the needle, causing a little bit of discomfort) and pulled it through. All that was left was to screw the ball on which was done with ease. He then did a final check of the placement and aliignment and concluded that it was straight.

I then sat up, a little puffy eyed but otherwise none worse for the wear. It then came my friend's turn. Hers was a little more eventful than mine with afew tears and a tense grab of the hand. However eventually we both became the proud owners of a septum piercing. Mark then led us out the front, where we payed and he gave us aftercare solution and instructions. We got some odd looks from people on the street, but were both very satisfied customers.

For the first few weeks, I was regularly cleaning the piercing with the aftercare solution and being careful not to flip it up and down too often. I returned to Mark for a checkup and he said everything was looking good. I continued cleaning the piercing with the solution and the only time it ever got irritated was when i bumped into something or someone hit me in the nose (happens more than you would think).

It has been three months since I've had my septum pierced and I'm loving it more everyday, Aftercare was a breeze as it has been for all of my piercings. I am now considering whether to stretch it and planning future mods. I hope this experience has been helpful to whoever has read it and i would thoroughly encourage anyone who is considering it to have their septum pierced. It is an attractive piercing that can be hidden if the need arises. Hope you enjoyed my first experience hopefully of many more to come.

Also, for any in the Cairns area, Mark is the best piercer by far in terms of both quality of work, and customer service. There is no-one else I would trust to pierce me in the region. The discounts and free jewlerry changes are just a little of what he offers. He also provides thorough explanations and eases any concerns you may have about a particular piercing. And, is also keen to talk about future projects and 'experimental' type ideas. A fun guy to be around.


submitted by: Captain_Planet
on: 02 June 2010
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Mark
Studio: Cold Steel
Location: Cairns, AU

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