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2nd time around

About three years ago, I got my nipples pierced. Nothing special, just 14ga horizontal captive beads. They didn't hurt that badly when I had them done, but the healing was a bitch. They seemed to stay weepy and sore for well over a year. After a while, one got ripped at a show and the other decided it wanted to migrate, so I decided to go ahead and retire them in August 2002.

Fast forward to November 2003. I finally decided I wanted to get my nipples repierced. The two major issues with that were timing and lack of funds, though. So, for about a month I hedged on it. On December 5, I decided to go ahead and do it as a birthday present for myself. However, the weather wasn't cooperating that night, so it was a no go.

The next day, after finally waking my boyfriend up, we made our way down to Skincraft. Went in, filled out the requisite paperwork, and waited around the lobby for a few minutes. Jeff came out and talked to me for a few minutes about what I wanted and how I wanted it. I ended up going with 12ga vertical barbells this time.

So, I made my way back to the piercing room with Jeff and plopped my happy ass down on the table, complete with doctor's office paper. I sat there and talked to Jeff while he was getting everything ready for me, mostly about the first time I'd had my nipples pierced, what happened, why they didn't heal right, and what I wanted to do after this particular piercing. Finally, he got all the equipment ready and changed his gloves. So, I took off my shirt and bra and got to stand there while he marked my nipples. I swear, standing still so someone can do that is really difficult! I kept wobbling really badly so I was afraid I was messing his marks up. It was amusing, because he told me that I was actually wobbling less than most people. One thing that really impressed me about him was the fact that he actually used calipers to measure my marks, so they'd be even instead of just eyeballing them. He also made sure to mark them and pierce them far enough forward that I could still get horizontals later down the line if I decided that I wanted them.

At last, it's down to business. I sat there leaning back against the wall, because it was more comfortable to me. I closed my eyes and just talked to him while he was fitting the clamps. For some reason, closing my eyes and concentrating actually lessened the pain, I think. Anyways, he got the clamps situated and we did the deep breath in... and pierce. Surprisingly enough, the first needle barely hurt at all. It was a sting, more than anything. He slid the jewelry through, which I think hurt more than the needle itself, and was done with the left nipple. He proceeded to do the same on the right side. I knew the right was going to hurt more for multiple reasons, though. First, there was more scar tissue in the right from the original piercing. Also, the second usually just hurts more for me, be it ears, nipples, etc. So, when he started adjusting the clamps on the right, all I could say was "yeah, this one's going to hurt." I was right. He got the clamps situated, deep breath in... and fuck that hurt! When I get a painful piercing, I don't cuss, twitch, or anything like that. I hiss through my teeth. Apparently, I was hissing rather loudly because Jeff just kind of laughed and said it sounded like that one hurt a good bit more. He slid the jewelry through on that one, which I barely felt, and we were done. He proceeded to tell me about the aftercare while he was cleaning up. He kind of said "you know the drill" but reiterated everything anyways. Anti-bacterial soap and salt water soaks twice a day for a few weeks, then once a day after that. Don't play with them, don't be rough with them, no oral contact, no swimming. The whole nine yards. I went out and paid, he gave me some sea salt, I tipped him, and the boy and I left.

Later that night I went out to the club for my birthday and, surprisingly, I felt almost no pain from my new piercings. The only times I had any problems all night were from a friend almost elbowing me in the tit and another friend almost pinching my nipple because he didn't realize I'd just gotten them pierced. I've had them for three days now and they're healing a million times better than the first time around. There's very little crusting, they don't hurt in the slightest, and I'm extremely happy with them.

I honestly think that the barbells make all the difference, because they're not getting tugged by shirts, bras, etc., not being pressed into my breasts leaving the ring mark, and they're stationary, so they don't get irritated by constantly being turned because of my movement. The only weird thing to me about them was the fact that they bled ever so slightly for the first two days. That kind of startled me because they didn't bleed the first time. Other than that, I actually keep forgetting I have them!


submitted by: thepiratequeen
on: 02 June 2010
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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