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I Don't Want to See It! [Snug]

On Valentine's Day of 2009, I got my "real" piercing...a forward helix in my left ear. I had a little bit of trouble with it, but overall, I absolutely adore it and it didn't take long for the fabled "piercing addiction" to attack and make me want more.

But what to get? I really wanted something that not a lot of people have, and I didn't want to stray from my ears (my family is really against all other piercings and already kind of frown down upon the total of three piercings I now have in each ear). Eventually, I stumbled upon the snug. I had never seen one before and it would fit perfectly in my ear. Of course, there had to be a downside; every account I read said it hurt A LOT and I am quite the pansy. Also, I am completely horrified of needles.

But that wasn't going to stop me.

My roommate Kari and I headed off to Saint Tattoo in Knoxville one weekend in March that we were home from school (we've made it a habit to get pierced up together, although she's quite a bit more intense about it than I am). I was super nervous, but Kari had decided to get dermal anchors in her lower back, so I felt a little lame being scared about my ear piercing.

We waited for a little while, flipping through the tattoo example books while Bryan, the piercer who had pierced both of us before, made copies of our IDs and got our paperwork together. He asked us both to explain to him exactly what we wanted before we went back to get pierced up. After verifying that we were not under the influence of anything, we headed into the back room together.

I got to go first, since I knew if I saw Kari bleeding all over the place, I would probably panic and not be able to sit still for my piercing. I had explained to Bryan earlier that I wanted my snug to be lined up with my tragus because it would drive me absolutely nuts if it wasn't all nice and symmetrical. He had to redraw the marks on my ear a few times, but he was extremely patient with me and made sure he got it absolutely exactly where I wanted before piercing, which of course made me quite happy.

I sat in the big squishy chair while Bryan autoclaved my jewelry and Kari, being the good friend that she is, distracted me by taking pictures of me looking all nervous from every unattractive angle she could find (Thanks again for that, schnookums). When Bryan returned, he explained exactly what he would do and what he would use. I covered my eyes when he pulled out needle and exclaimed, "I don't want to see it!" God, I hate needles. Now my heart was going a mile a minute. Honestly, I tuned out most of what he was saying. I trusted him to do his job, and I didn't really want to think about how much this was going to hurt.

Soon enough, I was laying on my left side in the chair with most of the right side of my face covered by a gauze sheet. I was crushing Kari's hand as Bryan made me breathe in and out slowly before sticking the needle in my ear.

I made a face preparing for the pain, but it never really came. I opened my tightly shut eyes and loosening my grip on Kari's hand considerably. I had felt a pinch, like someone lightly pressing their fingernail into my ear, and I could feel the weight of the needle ("Hey Lauren, you've got a fishhook in your ear!" my always encouraging roommate informed me), but it did not hurt. I even laughed, kinda irritated that I had gotten myself so worked up over nothing. The worst part was getting the jewelry secured after removing the needle, but even that was more mildly uncomfortable than painful.

It bled a little, but it was quickly cleaned up and I was able to hop out of the chair as soon as it was back in its usual upright position. I rushed over to the mirror and grinned at my reflection. It was absolutely perfect, and I couldn't stop looking at it for a long time.

After Kari got her dermal anchors (which are quite awesome, and certainly not anything I could ever sit through without crying), Bryan gave us our aftercare instructions (clean with saline, don't play with it, don't do anything else that would irritate it, etc.) and informed me that I could come back in when the swelling in my ear goes down to get a shorter barbell put in.

It's been almost two months since I got my snug, and so far, it's been fabulous. It is still quite swollen as I keep sleeping on it (oops), but I still love it so so so so so much!

Although it could have just been my adrenaline that made this piercing so easy to bear, it is absolutely incredible and would have been worth it even if it had hurt as much as I expected it to. If you're considering this piercing, DO IT! Also, if you're in the area, I highly recommend dropping in to see Bryan Campbell at Saint Tattoo.


submitted by: FakeLightning
on: 02 June 2010
in Snug Piercing

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Artist: Bryan Campbell
Studio: Saint Tattoo
Location: Knoxville, TN

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