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My lovely septum piercing...

I had wanted my septum pierced for about a year. I finally told my parents I had wanted it. They asked me if I had researched it and everything and I did. I had looked it up for a long time. I told my parents all about it. Like it could be hid, it wasn't that painful, and that it's easy to take care of. They said yes I could get it and they would even pay for it. They said it would be my Valentines day present from them. I thanked them a million times. I told them the place I wanted to go to because of it's good reputation and they said no. They told me they would take me to the place they wanted to go to since my step dad wanted a new tattoo from that place eventually. I said okay even though I know that place has a bad reputation for piercings and was connected to a bar!

We went to Arby's to get smoothies before we went there, so I was chill and not nervous at all. I walked in and could see where they did their tattoos and piercings! In plain view of the door and not separated! I then got scared and noticed that the place wasn't as clean as it should be. I got really scared and nervous when I realized I didn't like this place at all. I then decided whatever I'll do it anyways. How bad could it turn out?

He asked me how big I wanted it and said pretty normal since I am a petite girl and all. He was like okay and didn't even show me what he was putting in my nose! He put gloves on, felt my nose and decided where it should go. He wasn't nice at all about it. He then put the clamps on my nose. He held on so tight. It was like he was afraid my nose was going to run away! The clamps were the more painful than him shoving a 12g needle through my nose! It was kinda painful! I looked in the mirror afterward and it seemed like it was a little low and crooked, but I didn't let it bother me since I didn't know if that was normal for my nose. He didn't tell me any aftercare information. He just took the money and told me stop fucking touching it. His exact words!

After two days it started getting infected and many people told me it was too low. After about 4 days I went to the shop I wanted to go to in the first place and asked them for professional advice. He told me it was to low and way to early for it to be infected and suggested I take it out, so I did when I got home. It was kinda painful when I took it out, but it was worth it. I decided in a month or so I would get it redone since I really wanted it.

After about a month the piercing shop I wanted to go to in the first was having a special on piercings. $30 for the piercing and jewelry is free with it. I decided I would pay for it and my mom said she would take me. We went the next day to the shop and it was the cleanest place I have ever seen! I could eat off the floors if I so pleased. Of course I didn't, but still! They had separate rooms for piercings and tattoos.and you couldn't see them but through a small window to each room. I was very happy and excited to get my new piercing in this place.

She called me in there and I told her about my past septum piercing experience and she was shocked! She put on gloves and took at a look at my nose. She told me that since the last one was so low that my new one would not pierce scar tissue which would be painful. She marked my sweet spot and was very calm. She was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She showed me my jewelry and then opened the sterile clamps and everything else she needed. The jewelry was only a 16g this time and it was pretty. She put the clamps on my nose and they didn't hurt at all this time. They were placed on there tightly, but not painfully. She then told me to count to 3 and stuck the needle through my nose. It didn't hurt at all. It was a slight pinch and that was.

She then went to put the hoop in my nose, but it took her forever to get the size of hoop to hold the ball. but It didn't hurt at all when she kept moving it to tighten it. She finally got it and told me to look at it and I was in awe! It looks so beautiful! I fell in love with it right then and there. It was so worth having to get it done twice. She then told me all the cleaning and healing info and sent me on my way after I paid. I of course gave her a gracious tip for giving me the best piercing I will ever get.

It healed within a month with just basic cleaning of it with antibacterial soap every morning and night. It never caused me pain or discomfort. I would highly recommend this piercing to anyone! Even though most of my friends old me not to do it, I did and it was the best thing I have ever did and they now agree. After I got it done right they fell in love with it too and said it fit me perfectly. I definitely proved them wrong!

I would never recommend Fantasy Tattoo on Lejeune Blvd in Jacksonville, NC to anyone. Piercing and tattoos should be done safely and nicely and comfortably not the way they did it.

I will always recommend Unique Ink on Marine Blvd in Jacksonville, NC. They did an amazing job and always will no matter what you go there for!


submitted by: NicholeScreams
on: 02 June 2010
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Dixie
Studio: Unique Ink
Location: Jacksonville, NC

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