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My first REAL Cartilage Experiance!

Well, although I have been working in this industry for 2 years now,

this is the first time I have actually experienced for myself a professional ear-cartilage piercing, let alone a dermal punch in my OWN skin!

I'm currently a piercing apprentice at DeLuxe Custom Tattoos and Body Piercings in North Bay, ON. One thing we like to do when its slow at the shop, once all the cleaning has been done and the customers have been served, is to talk about the tattoos / piercings / mods we would like to have done ourselves or would like to do for clients.

On such an occasion, approximately two weeks ago, the woman who's apprenticing me (Jenni1Punch as she is know in the community) was itching to do another larger gauge piercing in someones ear cartilage. She had done a 6g cartilage punch the week before on the tattoo apprentice at our shop, Jess, and Jenni always orders pairs of punch sizes, so there was an odd-one-out with Jess' punch. Naturally I jumped at the chance to volunteer this time!

Jess has a 6g circular barbell in hers, and I didn't wanna look all matchy-matchy with her. We searched though our jewelery stock, but couldn't find an appropriate eyelet for my ear. The next plan of action was to call the company that supplies our jewelery and order an eyelet for this special occasion! So, on the phone we went. Jenni stopped mid-way through the conversation with the person from our jewelery provider on the other line. She turned to me and said, "They don't have any 6g titanium right now. Would you do it at a zero?" I replied, "ZOMG YESSSSSS!!" So she ordered it =)

The next week, on Thursday near the end of the day, Jenni and I were talking about my cartilage piercing. She told me that the jewelery had, in fact, come in. However, she was waiting on a sterile container so we could put the flesh that would be removed from my ear, into said container to preserve it so I could keep it. That meant that my ear would have to remain completely in-tact for another twenty four hours. I could barely stand the anticipation of it, but I knew that it would be well worth the wait. Such is life, as they say!

Friday as a work day had gone by fairly quickly, but I still couldn't stop thinking about my cartilage piercing! Near the end of the day, when things were winding down, and everyone had completed their tasks and duties, Jenni came up to me during a conversation with another of our coworkers, stuck something against my ear, made a few scribbles, and zipped pack into the piercing room.

Shawn (one of the tattoo artists that I work with) and I decided to see what was up. Jenni was at the counter cutting the shape of an ear out of a dental bib. IT WAS TIME!!! As usual, I watched Jenni do her setup, taking it all in, but bursting with bubbles of excitement just knowing that this was a setup for me! As she does with her clients, we prepped the skin, made a mark, checked it out in the mirror to see if I like the placement, decided to move it, checked again, gave the green-light go-ahead, and we were ready.

By this time, Shawn had grabbed his camera to take photos of before, during and after the procedure. Usually that would be my job, but it's a little difficult to photograph yourself as the subject. Jess was in the doorway grinning. I had gotten to assist in doing a dermal anchor on her throat as well as photograph her ear punching, so I'm not sure if the grin was her excitement for me, or her knowing that she's going to watch the fun of a dermal punch rather than experiencing it again.

Just as I lay down on the bench, I remember that Jenni has a happy-face stress ball for people who feel

the need to squeeze something. Staring at the stress ball in my hand, Jenni runs me through the breathing exercise and then it came; an abrupt pinch with a satisfying CRUNCH! The punch was through, the flesh was removed, but that was the good part. The one thing I can not stand in life is liquid in my ears! The gush of blood that followed was anything but pleasant, however, it didn't last long and I had a freshly punched ear! What the hell should I care?

Clean-up went as per usual. Nothing too extraordinary, but as part of all this, Jenni had prepared to save the chunk of flesh in a container for me, as per my preferences. "Charlie the Chunk" now lives in my office for all to admire. Ok, well, maybe I'm the only one who really admires it haha.

The piercing is 4 days old now and doing great. I just wonder who's going to get the other 6g and 0g punch... =P


submitted by: GladShad
on: 02 June 2010
in Large Gauge Ear Cartilage

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