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Sternum Microdermal

I'd been interested in microdermals for a while before I finally got one. I love their flexibility and permanance and I think they are really pretty. I originally wanted one on my face but I changed my mind when I realised I could have a pretty prominent scar if I decided to remove it - which I knew I'd have to do eventually as the career I'm interested in don't take too kindly to obvious body mods. I put the idea aside and ended up getting a nape piercing and a tattoo before my dermal desires resurfaced.

The more research I did, the more I like the look of a little gem at the top of my cleavage. There were a few occasions when I very nearly got it done but I always chickened out. I like to get my mods on impulse because I tend to change my mind if I leave it too long so I decided to ignore the idea for a while longer. In the end, it was only about a week later that I finally went through with it. I had some time to kill while waiting for some pictures to be developed and I knew that Body Points, a studio across the street, did microdermals. I was a little dubious of them as I had actually spoken to them on the phone during my original microdermal research and found them to be a little brisk and unfriendly. Unfortunately, it was too late and the bug had got me. I decided to go ahead with it. I'd got a short-lived lip piercing there before so at least I knew they were safe and clean.

The woman behind the counter advised me to get a numbing cream and come back another time but I lied and said I was allergic because I don't like using them for piercings and I've heard they're not a good idea. She told me it was going to be really painful but I put on a brave face and said I didn't mind. I filled out the consent form and followed her through to the room. She marked me up but neither of us were happy with the original placement and she re-did it. In hindsight, the original marking would probably have been better but it's not a big problem.

I lay on the bed and she made a pocket with the needle. This bit was fine and I actually said 'oh wow, that was much less painful than my nape' before I realised the worst was still to come. Next came getting the jewellery in. This bit was REALLY painful. I can't lie, it was definitely the worst pain I've ever felt. It took a long time because the hole was a bit small and she had to get the needle out to make it bigger and the whole time I was shouting out in pain. She kept having to stop so I could calm down it was so bad. Eventually, I heard a really loud popping noise, which was the jewellery fitting into place. This was quite unnerving but I was so relieved it was over. It took quite a while to screw the top (a clear crystal to match my nose and nape) in place but by this point I was pretty out of it and was just happy the pain had stopped. Although the procedure was horrible, to her credit the piercer did talk me through everything the entire time.

When it was done, I sat up really slowly and caught a quick glimpse of my new addition in the mirror. I fell in love instantly, although as the piercer pointed out it was a little crooked due to the swelling. I paid her £50, which from my research seemed to be a pretty standard price for microdermals so I thought it was reasonable. She told me to just leave it alone and to gently push the jewellery in if it seemed to be sticking out a bit. As I walked out of the shop, every step was agony. You underestimate how much your boobs move when you walk and everytime my top brushed against the dermal I winced! I went and bought myself some zinc supplements as I'd used them with my nose piercing and found healing to be problem free. I hadn't taken them when my nape was healing and although I know that's a harder piercing to heal anyway, I think it would have been better with the zinc so I thought I'd try it again.

When I got home, I finally got to inspect my microdermal properly. I noticed that when my boobs were fully pushed together, it did go towards the right side, but this was only a problem if I was wearing a super push-up bra. The whole area around the piercing was really red and tender and there were even nail marks on my chest from where the piercer had been pushing the jewellery into place. Touching it was absolute agony at first but after an hour or so it wasn't so bad. I tried to gently clean the blood around the jewellery but it started bleeding so I left it.

Healing so far has been okay. I'm used to religiously cleaning my piercings so at first it was weird not doing anything to it at all. I've just been running warm water over it in the shower and trying not to get anything in it. The area around the jewellery was red and itchy to begin with which wasn't very comfortable but hopefully that's just because it's healing. Originally, I noticed when I lay flat that the right side of the dermal was slightly sticking out but it didn't seem to be a big problem so I wasn't too worried.

About two weeks after it was pierced, I noticed it was really crusty and gross so I decided to give it a sea salt soak just to get it clean. To my horror, the top of the microdermal fell out leaving a scary hole in my chest. My Dad drove me straight to the studio where the woman who'd pierced me was more than happy to screw it back in. The jewellery seemed to sit a lot better after this and it's never fallen out again.

I'm constantly paranoid that it's going to fall out again so I check it's secure at least twice a day. It's been a around four months now and it doesn't hurt anymore, although the post does occasionally appear to stick quite out a bit even though the jewellery is fully screwed in. I've read that this can happen though so I'm not overly concerned.

My microdermal gets a lot of mixed reactions and I've lost count of the amount of times I've been asked 'Oh my God, is that a piercing? How does it stay in?!' but I love it. I probably wouldn't go back to Body Points because although the woman was nice, from the stories I've read it shouldn't have taken as long and been as traumatic. I think I'll stick to my usual studio in future.


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on: 02 June 2010
in Microdermals

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