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Two Industrials? At the same time? You're crazy.

Two Industrials? At the same time? You ARE crazy.

Piercing date: 22 Sept 2009

I decided a while ago (Chrismas time 08 ish) that I was going to get industrials done on both ears... at the same time. Everyone I talked to about my idea that did not have piercings thought I was crazy ("I thought that cartilage piercings hurt the most/ you are not going to get any sleep while they're healing/ why would you do that"). Anyone that had an industrial or multiple other piercings already said that it would take awhile to heal, but why not do it?

So one Tuesday, I decided that I was going to go get them done, and on my lunch break (I work secondary support at a call center) I went down the street to Body Fx, and there was a wait. I ended up waiting more than a half hour. Goodness! I almost ran out of time on my lunch break, but about the time that I decided to get it done next Tuesday even tho they wouldn't have as much time to get the inital healing done as I am off this weekend, and not next... I have a different job on the weekends and I wanted to get them stabilized before the weekend when I'd be outside in a dusty or muddy field all day both Sat and Sunday. About the time I was about to walk out and go back to work, Rachel came out and said that she's ready for me. She showed me some that she had autoclaved, but they were entirely too long for my little pixie ears. She said that she didn't want to put them in as it would be less attractive and probably run into healing problems because of the length. She then pulled out a fishing tackle box with various metal bits and found two that fit my little bitty ears and sprayed them down to disinfect them.

Then she marked my ears, I checked them out in the mirror to make sure that they were balanced.

She said that she wanted to do them with a receiving tube. I said okay, and she started with my left ear. Slight crunch and then a usual bit of ouch, and she reached for the bar. As she slipped it in to the top hole, the receiving tube slipped out of her hand. Oops! So the right ear was done with clamps. Crunch, and OW (Do I really want to do this? Why am I doing this craziness?!?) a breathe break and a lollipop, and then ready for the last bit (cause it IS too late to wimp out now). She handed me her card with care instructions on the back, checked to see if I had any questions, and I paid and back to work.

I avoided touching them for a few days, doing daily sea salt soaks, and doing my best to avoid catching my long hair on them, and taking ibuprofen regularly to keep the swelling down. It took about 4 days til the pain was low enough that I felt comfortable enough to stop taking ibuprofen so often and about a week til I was able to sleep on my side (okay, so I cheated before that by using a neck pillow to support my face, but leave the ear unbothered- it was a BRILLIANT! idea born of sleep deprivation).

Its been about two weeks and they are pretty happy. I'm doing SSS approx once a day (I have missed some tho), but the pain when they're bumped feels more like bruising pain than stabby pain.

If you're thinking about doing industrials in both ears, I recommend doing them at the same time, it was totally worth it!

AND if you are a side sleeper- even if you're thinking of doing just one- I highly recommend getting a travel neck pillow (the ones that look like U's) cause you can sleep on your side as normal, but not put pressure on your healing ear.

Later update: Its been over six months, and they are pretty much healed, but are not super tolerant of being bumped. I don't really notice them aside from when my nine month old cousin grabs the pretties and tries to use them for leverage to climb like a monkey. But even when that happens, or I wear sparklies hanging from them that are too heavy (or dance too enthusiastically with the sparklies), a Sea Salt Soak or two takes care of the tenderness and then they are back to happy again.

The other non-forseen problem that I have is that my long hair keeps getting caught on them... ALL the TIME! I guess that is just something I am going to have to deal with, and I am more than happy to put up with that inconvenience cause they are so pretty!


submitted by: dame_dancealot
on: 02 June 2010
in Industrials and Orbitals

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Artist: Rachel
Studio: Body Fx
Location: Elkridge, MD

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