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My Long Awaited Septum Piercing

I have wanted my septum pierced for about 6 months but have admired it for about 7 years. I used to work in a pharmacy, around a lot of sick people so I decided not to force my body to heal a piercing if I might get ill. A while ago I quit that job to start my own small business and decided I had to finally get my septum pierced. That was 4 days ago now.

I went to Urban Piercings in Reading as I had spoken to Adam and Lian via email to ask a few questions about the procedure and I know it has a very good reputation. It was a busy Saturday so I had to wait for a while but they have a comfy sofa and soft music to listen to and there were people to chat to.

I was pierced by Lian and she was very friendly and very easy to chat to, we talked about some other mods I want done before we got started. She talked me through what she was going to do and cleaned my nose and felt for the 'sweet spot'. When she had an ide of where she was aiming for she clamped my nose then checked the position again. With all her checking and lining up there was no way the piercing would be anything less than perfect. Lian used a 1.6mm/14g needle and pushed it through my nose firmly and steadily. It did hurt, it was a very sharp pain but hey a needle had just pierced flesh. I'm very proud to say that I didn't even flinch which gave me a rush. I wanted a keeper/retainer so that I had the option of hiding it during the heling process if I need to. When the keeper was pushed through it was uncomfortable but only for a second. The whole process was over in seconds after the clamps went on which meant that I didn't anticipate the needle going in. The tip of my noset stung for 5 mins but then felt fine as if nothing had been done at all and I didn't bleed at all which I thought I might do, so that was a nice surprise. Lian then asked me to have a look at it in the mirror. It was completely perfect as I knew it would be! I sat back down so that she could give it a last clean and flip it up. I then went through the aftercare routine with her but the septum is a very straight foward piercing so there isn't too much fussing about with it.

I am so pleased that I had it done and I am dying to put in my little horseshoe and show it off properly. I'm lucky that I tend to heal pretty fast and after only 4 days there is very little tenderness at the tip of my nose and only if I bash it quite hard. After reading other peoples stories and experiences I was expecting it to sting more as I catch my nose all the time putting tops etc. With the keeper flipped up it is totally invisible. I did wonder at first just how invisible it would be and if the metalic shine could be seen but unless you look straight up my nose you won't have a clue I had it done.

I think it would make a great piercing for anyone at all as it doesn't matter what rules or dress code you have to live by or if you are younger and don't want parents to know then this is the perfect piercing for you. If you want some idea og the pain then pinch yourself hard with your nails in that spot. As the membrane of skin between the cartalige and gristle is so thin the pain only lasts for a second so it can easily be tolerated. If you are like me the pain will give you a wonderful rush of adrenalin which is quite addictive.

I would recomend to anyone who lives near Reading to go to Urban Piercing, it is so relaxed and they are all really professional and helpful which really makes for a great piercing experience, especially if it is your first time.

I have a few more piercings to slowly cross off my wishlist so I will be going back to see Lian soon. The next thing on my list is a triple spiral in the upper cartalige in my right ear which should be a fun project. While I had y septum done Lian measured up my ear so I had some size basis for the custom jewellery. Then I think I will have the daith in my left ear pierced. I have seen a few pictures on here of people with custom bent hearts that look amazing. So now I am on the hunt for a heart for my future daith.

I think that after these piercings I will concentrate on tattoos for a while. Lots of money to spend in the not-too-distant future. Wish me luck...


submitted by: nymphetamine
on: 02 June 2010
in Septum Piercings

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