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My Horizontal Lobes

I was always wanting an ear piercing but not just any ear piercing: I wanted something I had never seen before. That came in the form of a horizontal lobe. I was browsing galleries upon galleries of pictures until I see it. I instantly wanted it but was put off due the shape of my ear, it seemed that all the pictures had lobes that never touched their face ( and mine did ) so I basically dismissed the idea.

Time went by and I still hadn't got a new piercing that I was happy with. I was really getting impatient trying to decide what would be perfect. My mind always returning to a horizontal lobe, I thought let's give it a try and went to see my piercer. My piercer is amazing, at from the first time she done my septum I have went there for every procedure and never had a problem. Although I’ve heard negative things to me, there never has been a problem and my piercings are always up to scratch. She is clean professional and friendly and this is the reason that I trust her to change my body in ways that will make me secure about myself.

I go into the parlour and get the comforting smell of the shop and feel instantly at home, I seek out my piercer from behind the counter and asked could I have a horizontal lobe. To my surprise she said yes and told me it would be £20 and went to set up.

Nerves kicked in, I was half expecting a knock back on the shape of my ear but that didn't even seem to phase my piercing. She seemed quite excited about it and it turns out it was one of her favourite piercings. I waited with my friend who was interested in how my ear was getting pierced as still to this day my friends and I haven't seen another piercing like it.

Eventually she's ready for me and explains the process. Once she knows I am happy with it she beings to mark an entry and exit dot on my ear, and a dotted line to show where the bar would sit. The placement was perfect but she made sure I was ok with it. She got out the fresh gloves and all and I know they're clean, I’ve been many a time to trust her and she asks me to lie down.

At this point my heart was beating so hard I could feel it hit off my chest, I read off the internet it hurt a little, and you got a really weird sensation in your ear as the needle travelled through. It felt like forever lying there, waiting for the excruciating ( well maybe what I imagined to be ) pain to start.

The initial needle going through the hole at first was felt, a sharp pain and it was over. Personally I never felt the needle in my ear or exit and kept quiet and focused on my breathing whilst the receiving tube ( I believe ) then bar was inserted. It never hurt me that I hadn't even realised she was finished. However when I got up I felt very dizzy and the bleeding was insane. This was my first piercing that had ever bled!

Anyway everything looked perfect and she told me to expect some heavy bruising and swelling. That night came and my ear went up and when I woke up my ear was effectively purple. It was sore to touch and I kept twisting the bar in the shower due to fear it may have been sticking to my inner ear. I eventually found that regularly sea salt soaks ended the swelling quicker than before. Previous to this I had been trying to go about a LITHA approach but maybe the over touching meant I prolonged the healing. I found the bruising went down within a week, the back of my ear bruising about twice as bad as the front.

However a few months on I’ve went back got the other lobe done the same way. This was the true feeling, this time I felt both entry and exit and the needle travel through my ear. Although it wasn't painful I didn't really enjoy it. It wasn't the feeling I expected but for once I am at ease with my ears and love how they look!

This was also the first piercing I had got where the majority of opinions had been positive. It was an amazing change to the rest of my peers at school to be so inquisitive. I love the reactions people give, when they realise it's a full bar through my ear they're amazed and ask so many questions. I love sharing my mods with people so it's nice that people are genially interested. I find the piercing unique, not over the top and easy to deal with on the pain scale. I recommend it to anyone that's interested as with proper placement and an experienced piercer placement won't be an issue.


submitted by: robertlol
on: 02 June 2010
in Transverse and Vertical Lobes

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