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My Industrial, My First Piercing

I grew up in a pretty liberal home. My mother and I were very open, I never really had a curfew and I was allowed to get a tattoo at the age of 16 provided it wasn’t in a visible area. My mother had my ear lobes pierced when I was a few months old with a gun at one of those horrible little mall kiosks so I figured that I would be allowed to get a few more piercings with no objections. I was wrong. My mother seemed to think that tattoos were acceptable but piercings weirded her out. I begged and pleaded but to no avail. I even pulled up bmezine to show her pictures of what I wanted which was probably a bad idea. She was dead set again it. So began the countdown until my high school graduation.

A year went by and I had almost forgotten about my diehard desire to poke holes in myself and adorn them with jewelry. I graduated high school and in August I turned 18. I remember joking with my friends that I was finally old enough to buy cigarettes, wait tables, and get tattoos. My best friend, Nicole, added to the list of adult things to do by saying, “Yeah, you can get that piercing you fought with your mom about for months.” My desire was renewed.

I had always wanted a piercing and even, stupidly, attempted to pierce my own belly button when I was fourteen. I decided that since I was 18 and no longer forced to abide by my parents' rules, I would get the industrial that I had been admiring for quite some time.

Me, my then boyfriend, and my best friend Nicole trekked down to the place that I got my first tattoo, Inflicting Beauty in Flagler Beach, FL. I was pretty nervous but incredibly excited at the same time. I asked the piercer, Draven, if it would hurt and he just kind of looked at me and said, "Well, um, yeah?" So I wasn't too terribly comforted.

I picked out the jewelry and sat down to get it started. Draven cleaned my ear and marked the two spots on my cartilage and when I approved he got his equipment ready. I remember looking at the needle very suspiciously and thinking, "Well damn...yeah this is going to hurt." He placed the clamp and proceeded to pierce the first hole. I remember breathing in right before and exhaling while the needle came out the other side. It hurt like hell but I was expecting it. The adrenaline rush was unreal. I felt like I was floating on air. The second one went pretty much the same way...inhale, exhale, ouch.

My ear felt like it was on fire at this point but I wasn’t too terribly concerned. The placement of the jewelry was rather painful but I was thrilled with the result. Draven explained the aftercare and told me that I would very likely have to sleep on my other side at night until the piercing healed.

The most painful aspect of this piercing was the jewelry. He used a barbell right away. While I loved how it looked, I really hated the amount of pain I would experience every time my hair got caught on it or one end of the barbell got bumped. In retrospect, I would have used a ring in each hole until the healing process was complete.

The worst experience that I had with the industrial during the healing process was when I was out bowling with my aunt and sister and my little cousin came running up to give me a hug. He caught the barbell with his arm and it felt like the jewelry was coming out of the top of my ear. I screamed so loudly that I scared the hell out of my little cousin and earned a lot of stares from passersby.

My first piercing is most definitely my favorite. I've since had my nose and lip pierced but neither really measures up as far as nerves, excitement, and the sense of independence I felt after the industrial.

I unfortunately had to take the industrial out for work related reasons and it has now closed up. I’m considering getting it done in the other ear; however, I’m not sure I want to go through the intense healing process again. I’m also considering an orbital; however, the healing process would probably be the same. Whatever I choose I will be sure to post about it. BMEzine was incredibly helpful when I was making my piercing decision. If you’re thinking about getting a piercing be sure to talk to a piercer and do your research. While spur of the moment is fun, you will value your piercing more if you knew what you were getting into and had the time to think about how much you wanted it.


submitted by: bfreitas06
on: 02 June 2010
in Industrials and Orbitals

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