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Finally, I got my inner conch

For about 5 or 6 years I had always wanted my nose pierced. I only had one hole in each ear, and they were done when I was a baby. I am terrible with shots at the doctor, so needless to say I was TERRIFIED at the idea of getting my nose pierced. I read stories on here and I knew people who had it done, so I knew it wasnt that bad. But piercings were an uncharted territory for me. I had no idea what to expect. One day my sister came home with a nape piercing, and my parents flipped. They do not like piercings, but it was great for me because a nose piercing isnt such a big deal as the nape. So with my sister getting something done, I decided to stop being a baby and finally do it, after so many years.

Well that was 2 years ago and within 6 months after my first piercing, I got my monroe, my second lobe holes, and my tragus pierced. The pain of piercings is fairly non-existent to me; or I can just get through them ok. Its quick, and the pain goes away right away. Now I remember reading stories and most were written by people who already had tons of piercings before, and I just wanted to read about someone like me who had nothing and was a big baby. So I hope if your one of those people that are reading this to not be worried about my previous holes. Even though I find the pain bearable, I almost pass out at every one. I guess my nervous just climax after the needle goes in and I can barely keep myself conscious. I usually have to lay down for a while after and it's so embarrassing lol. So if this is your first time, dont worry. We all have to deal with something. But it's so worth it!

Anyway, onto my conch. My tragus took a long time to heal, and I didnt really know what I wanted next. After a few months I decided on my inner conch (I cant remember how), and I told my best friend who wanted a new piercing too. This was about a year and a half ago. So we told ourselves we'd get them done but we just never got around to it. I was just too scared to get the guts to get it done. I heard it was one of the most painful piercings, and everything I read made it seem difficult. My roommate had it done, and he said it didn't hurt at all. So finally I just got tired of putting it off, and my friend and I decided that last friday, April 16, we would do it. I knew that no matter the pain level, it would be quick and worth it in the long run.

So friday came, and I got extremely nervous. My boyfriend drove us and my other roommate to Perfect Image. We went in and told the girl what we wanted (she winced at what I wanted, which didnt help my nerves at all) and paid up. We had to wait for 2 people ahead of us, and I managed to calm down a little. I always get my piercings with my friend, and she always lets me go first as I get more nervous than her. So Mike called us in, and I was very happy Mike would be piercing us today. He did my nose and tragus, and is just a really nice guy who always does a great job and laughs at my antics. I sat down first, and he cleaned my ear and marked the spot. I was scared previously at the thought of the piercing having to be freehand, because a clamp wont fit, but that thought wasnt near my mind when he held the needle up to my ear. I was holding my boyfriends hand and clutching my sweater for dear life and already practicing my breathing. He told me he was going next breath, and then very quickly he had the needle in. It didnt pop, thank goodness, and it really only hurt a little. It didnt feel warm or throb or anything really. I was surprised at how ok I was. He quickly but a bar in (which of course hurt again) and seemed to take forever screwing the ball on. By this point I was overcome with the feeling of passing out, and luckily for me he finished and I got out of the chair and laid on the ground lol. After a few min and some drinks of pop, I got my act together and was good to go. My friend got her nose pierced and we were free to leave.

I was so proud that I finally did it, and I'm still a little annoyed that I didnt get it done sooner. I also am annoyed that they put a straight barbell in it, instead of a cbr like I wanted. But I suppose a barbell will heal easier, and was probably easier to put in then a cbr (with me and new piercings, putting the jewelry in faster is better). They gave me Dr. Piercings Aftercare swabs, and a small bottle of Spectrojel. I went home and before bed used the swabs and my ear felt great that night and the next day. I think I was accidentally sleeping on that side because for a few days my ear was so swollen and throbbing. It was indenting on the barbell ball, and just throbbing all the time. I spent 2 days constantly on Advil, and I was concerned that something was wrong. I had been doing sea salt soaks on it for 5 min each both days, but it was still painful. I decided if it wasnt better the next day, I'd go in to the parlor and get it checked out. That night I soaked it, and then took a cotton ball, soaked it in the solution and stuck it on my ear. I left it on for 30 min, used the swabs, and went to bed. The next day I woke up and the pain and most of the swelling was gone. Since then the swelling has gone down considerably, and I can now feel a bit of the bar. The pain is gone too. Ive only had a few crusties, and now I can move my ear around all ways, and I'm only a few days away from sleeping on it, which is crazy because it took me a solid month before I could even think about sleeping on my tragus. It's healing perfectly now, and I am so excited to put a cbr in in a few months (hopefully sooner!). It's been my easiest healing piercing so far, and the one I might be most proud of.

So all in all, if youve been thinking about getting it done, or if youve been like me and are putting it off because your a baby, stop it and get it done. Seriously, youll kick yourself for not getting it done before. Thanks for reading, and happy piercing!!


submitted by: lindz19
on: 02 June 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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