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Doing up the Button

Doing UP The Button ~

By February 2009 I had discovered that I had a small addiction to piercing, or was it just to the sparklies that filled the resultant holes. By this time I had three holes in each ear (two cartilage), one in my nose and one in my most special of girly places, all of which I had grown to love and couldn’t imagine being without. But as with any family, a new member is always greeted with joy and love and it was time for the birth of my belly button piercing.

I was always a slim person but with the increasing years, came increasing weight and increasing awareness of such weight and the fact that I was growing to hate how I was looking. I was not really fat by any means, but much larger than I had ever been and growing uncomfortable in my own skin because of it.

In the last two years I had undergone many changes. My husband and I separated, I had lost my job and sometimes felt very alone. I thought I had it all under control but every now and then my level headedness and reason was undermined by doubt in myself and my confidence sometimes lacked. I began to fear that I would grow old alone and that no one else could possible ever be interested as I was getting old and chubbed out. I knew I was in need of some changes. I had decided to complete a cleanse and promised myself that if I lost at least twenty pounds my reward would be a navel piercing. I always thought they looked so good on those flat, toned tummies.

I, like any other person wanting a piercing, managed to reason to myself that I should get it done before I really got too far into the cleanse so I would not pass out when I got it and also so by the time the cleanse was over, the piercing would be well on its way to healing so……three days later I went in to see my favorite piercer, Stephanie, at Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing on Nelson Street in Vancouver, BC.

For some reason I was pretty nervous about this one. Maybe it was because everything I had read about the experience suggested that it would be more painful than the other piercings I had already received. Deeper, meatier tissue.

The familiar and welcoming smell of cleaner and antiseptic hit my nose as I entered the shop and my anticipation and excitement grew. Into the room. My belly was cleaned and marked and I assumed the position on the table. You know the drill folks. Breathe in and out, in and out, in and out pierce. HOLY FREAKIN HELL. Wow, felt that one. Good thing is that as soon as the jewelry was in, which was mere seconds, the pain stopped. I must say it did hurt more than my nose, ears or even VCH, but it was short lived and I again had a new piece of sparkle to show for my bravery. It looked amazing. It was perfect. I loved it.

As for the cleanse, I finished it and lost about 15 pounds. I felt a bit better but slowly gained the weight back. The piercing really helped me appreciate my body for what it was and gave me a bit of lost confidence.

The area was uncomfortable only for a couple of days when I bent over to tie my shoes and whatnot, but other than that, no pain after piercing whatsoever, no ache, no blood, no discharge. Thanks Steph. Another perfect piercing. Don’t believe the horror stories, it wasn’t that bad and well worth the couple of seconds of pain.

After a couple of months I replaced the jewelry with which I was pierced with an awesome Anatometal prong set, double gem, curved barbell, clear CZ stones. It looked amazing and motivated me to try on the weight issue again as it would just look so much better if it was not surrounded by pudge. I have since lost 25 pounds the right way, have pretty much a flat tummy and feel so much better about myself, not to mention my piercing makes my belly look much sexier.

People, I am not a young person, I have experienced life now for over 40 years, fortunately I look at least ten years younger than my age, at least for now. I do not do things impulsively or erratically nor do I judge others. This was simply my story and I hope I didn’t offend anyone that isn't rake thin - no matter how much you weigh, or how old you are, please, if you think something is right for you, do it, you may find that one small thing you do for yourself may give you enough confidence or boost to attempt something bigger, something that may change your whole outlook or life for the better. If something feels missing, lost or undone, maybe it can be remedied like it was for me, by simply doing up a button.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 May 2010
in Standard Navel Piercings

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