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I Love Ears: A Tragus Tale

I have always liked ears and the variety of piercings that people get in them. So, it was no surprise when the tragus caught my eye. Two of my friends have their tragii pierced and a girl that just transferred from our school posted pictures of her fresh tragus adorned with the cutest heart shaped stud. I decided that I wanted my tragus pierced too and started to do my research. I even put together a PowerPoint to ask my mom, who told me years ago after my second lobe piercings "no more ear piercings". I pulled out all the stops on this PowerPoint. I added pictures, diagrams, cool transitions and even video of someone getting their tragus pierced. All of my efforts were met with silence. She waited a week to answer me, but expressed that she would rather me not get the piecing but didn't care. This was all I needed to hear! “I don’t care” sounds like a yes to me. Besides, I’m grown and go to college in another state anyway!

Some months later, after I had gone back to school, I came out of my dorm and decided that I was going to get my right tragus pierced. It was really impulsive. I had decided on just getting one tragus done because I had heard that it difficult to sleep on a fresh tragus piercing. (I later found this was too true!) So, I hopped in my truck and drove to the other side of campus to inform my friends that I was getting a piercing and to ask them if they wanted to go. After gathering up a few friends, I drove up the road to another town to get my tragus done.

The whole process was quick and I didn't die. lol. The piercer had me fill out some kind of paperwork asking if I was under the influence of anything, if I had any medical issues, and if I was allergic to anything. I am actually allergic to nickel, but the guy said that if I could wear the gold earrings I was wearing, that I could wear the surgical steal jewelry he had picked out for me. While I was waiting for him to open the supply packets he held a cool conversation with me and some of my friends. He was very nice! He made a dot with a black marker in the very center of my tragus and asked me if I liked it. I did, so he got on with the piercing.

The piercer put a receiving tube on the underside of my tragus and the needle to the outside. I'm not gonna lie, that needle was sharp! I could feel the point. He had me do a series of in and out breaths to calm me down before piercing my ear. Now, I just want to say that all that breathing stuff just aggravates me. I’m already upset because I cannot watch the piercing, which puts me at ease, so I’m not down with that breathing. Just pierce me already. Anyway, back to the story. As soon as he actually pushed the needle in, I no longer felt the point. All I felt was pressure. It was like someone was squeezing the heck out of my tragus. lol. It also felt as if someone was using my ear as a spot for their textbook. No lie! There was a bit of a pinch when he pushed the needle out and the captive bead ring jewelry. The piercer explained that this step pinches because the needle is so much bigger than the actual jewelry. I’m not entirely sure of the gages of the earring and the needles. That info may come in handy for jewelry shopping later, huh? Anyway, I skipped out of there 40 dollars short and over the moon with my new ear addition.

It was recommended for me to pick up some SALINE contact solution and q-tips to clean my piercing. I did that the next morning. In the following days, the tragus was a bit sore. I could sleep on it after about two weeks. Now that it has been about a month, I've noticed that it no longer feels sore when I flip the captive bead ring up to clean it. The jewelry also moves in the piercing more freely. No more crusties!! I'm still going to wait a bit longer to switch the ring out for something more my style, as in a cute stud. When I go get that done, I may get my left tragus pierced. My goal is to have both my right and left tragus pierced along with a few other non-ear piercings.

I'm mad everyone has this piercing now! lol. But really, it is cute and I think everyone should get one. Join the tragus nation!


submitted by: Cupcake_Killah
on: 02 June 2010
in Tragus Piercing

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Artist: Nathan
Studio: The Voodoo Needle
Location: Auburn, AL

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