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Auricle Piercing That Won't Be the Last

Location: Wellington N., Sherbrooke, Quebec Artist: Charlie Date: April 23, 2010

I had been toying with the idea of piercing my left conch for nearly two years. I has an unexpected afternoon off from work at the theatre (I'm a technician at my university) and planned a trip to the mall to get some new shoes. I had a nice leisurely lunch at home. I lost track of time at one point and I realized that I was going to miss the next bus if I didn't hurry out the door. I ran to the bus stop to see the parked bus waiting. After forking over my token and settling down with my book, I realized that I had was on the number 2 which goes to downtown Sherbrooke and not the 11, which is the direct line to the mall. I figured that it was all for the better was the weather was beautiful and spring-like so why not walk around the streets of old Sherbrooke looking for adventure. Besides, I had been inside during nearly all of the nice weather over Easter in the theatre working on lighting design for an upcoming show. The last thing I needed was to be inside a harshly-lit air conditioned box.

I browsed in a few local shops, including making a few purchases at Oktoshop, a local street art gallery and boutique. Across Wellington, Ange ou Démon had their door open letting in the nice breeze so I decided to see if there was any space left for walk-ins that afternoon. I had heard good things about the shop and I was greeted by the owner Jacques when I walked in.

Jacques is a former science teacher who has three female tattoo artists on staff and two male piercers. Charlie, the piercer on duty, was working on some paper work when I walked in and started talking with Jacques. When he heard the word "piercing" (in French) he jumped up to listen. Charlie is originally from Ohio and doesn't speak French, which put me as ease as I identify more as a bilingual Anglophone than Francophone.

Charlie was great in answering all my questions including showing me the autoclave and private piercing rooms before we started. Again, I felt very comfortable and my nerves were calmed. Charlie and I talked about the placement of the piercing and after some discussion, I fixated on an auricle piercing versus a conch piercing. The auricle is less invasive than the conch and would allow me more flexibility in creating an ear project further down the road. It also wouldn't be hitting the branches of my glasses as it healed and for a first non-gunned lobe piercing, it felt like a better choice. Charlie had also showed me some ear cuffs and shields that would give me the approximate look that I had wanted to achieve with jewelry with my initial idea of a conch. I was sold on the idea, so back to the piercing room we went.

In choosing the jewelry, I choose to go with titanium for lower allergy risks. I had never had an issue with stainless in the past, but I wanted to stay away from stainless for the initial healing. We had decided on a 16 gauge and based on my neon backpack, Charlie choose a multi-tonal straight barbell. It took two tries to get the placement right and then it was onto the piercing.

I had done a shave to save back in November supporting Ovarian Cancer Canada and my hair is still in a shaggy crop. I had a few bits of hair in the way and since the shave, I had stopped carrying bobby pins and hair ties around in my bag. Fortunately, Charlie's wife who also works at Ange ou Démon as a tattoo artist, came to the recuse with some bobby pins. Once my hair was safety out of the way, Charlie continued his set up, explaining every step and shop procedure. I had done my research and one of my oldest and dearest friends works in a well-reputed shop in Montreal, so I was prepared for what was going on.

Pain wise, it was less than a rubber band snap or a basketball to the side of the head. Charlie has coated the needle in petroleum jelly, so there was no popping noise or drag. The aftercare information was explained just after I has signed the waiver and again before I paid. I was urged to come back in about a month's time to check on the healing and change the jewelry.

I paid with Jacques and left a 20% tip. I went on my way down Well very pleased with my experience. I'll definitely be going back to Ange ou Démon for my next piercings (a left anti-tragus and a right forward helix). Just like so many, this won't be my last piercing and it gave me the confidence to go through with my thigh tattoo that's been four years in the planning.


submitted by: popculturearchieves
on: 29 May 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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