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A Needle and Thread DIY

Allow me to start by saying that I do strongly believe that you should see professionals for any type of body modification. DIY piercings can be done, and properly, but there a far greater number of risks. I consider myself very fortunate to have been without complication, but I wouldn’t pierce anything other than my ears by myself.

Well, I had quit my job, and have no funds for, well, anything. I was seriously considering going to World Domination, which is the closest, cheapest place to go (they have a pretty bad rep, but its more for creepiness than uncleanliness; they are actually very sanitary). The idea of “buy one, get the second for $10” seems to scare most people off. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t afford the cost, or the time to go.

I settled on doing it myself.

So about 6 months ago, on a spur-of-the-moment type thought, I got the thickest sewing needle from my kit, a little surgical-steel stud (easier to hide), a lighter, a small dish, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Then it was off to the bathroom.

First, I took my little sharpening stone and sharpened the needle. I poured a bit of the rubbing alcohol into the dish, and I proceeded to lightly burn the needle, then the stud, and dropped both into the dish. I put the dish under the sink, ate dinner, and grabbed a piece of a carrot from the refrigerator. I then had a shower (my logic in this was that the warm water would sort of open my pores, and make the needle go through easier, as opposed to freezing it with ice and closing the pores, making things more difficult).

I double washed my hands, and grabbed the needle, put the carrot behind my ear (sort of like a receiving cork), and pushed the needle through. I sort of heard more of a crunching noise than a “pop”, but the needle only went though the fist layer of skin, and the cartilage. Then I took a bit of a breather, giving myself time to freak out about what I was doing, and think “what would my mother say!?” After a few breaths, I returned to the shoving, and got the needle through the last layer of skin, and into the carrot. There was a bit of a poke for the first layer of skin, but after that, it was really warmth, not pain.

So there I was: in my bathroom, with a chunk of carrot attached to a sewing needle, sticking through my ear. I put everything back under the sink, and went across the hallway to my room. I wanted to let the needle sit for a bit before putting the stud in.

I had quite a time convincing the carrot and needle to separate. There was a lot of wiggling and yanking, but it worked itself out eventually. I returned to the bathroom, and in one quick movement, I pulled out the needle and slid in the stud. “HOLY F---!” I actually had to put my hands over my mouth to keep from making a sound. There was still rubbing alcohol on the stud, and it felt like acid when it went through. All done. There were a few spots of red when I was cleaning up after, but nothing like I expected. It wasn’t sore, but it would sting if I touched it or lay on it while I was sleeping. I did take some arnica though, just to be safe. I also clean it 3 times a day with a salt solution.

About a week later, my mom found out; she wasn’t as upset as I thought she would be, but she was very firm in saying that before I get anything else done, I need to get vaccinated for hepatitis (I told her I got it at World Dom, because she would’ve been even more upset if she knew I did it with a sewing needle). It doesn’t hurt anymore, and I can even sleep on it fine. I’ve been cleaning it with light salt water once or twice a day, though it should probably be more. It looks like it’s doing well, and I hope to change it to a ring in a month or so.

It really didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, especially since so many people have told me that their helix hurt worse than any other piercing they had gotten. Mind you, I have no idea what my pain threshold is like, so it might hurt for other people.

Overall, EXTREME HAPPY. It makes me smile when I look at it, and it’s almost surreal to think that I actually did it, and that I did it myself. If you want it, go for it! But please make sure you want it. Good Luck


submitted by: themagicbox
on: 30 May 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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