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Do Your Research - Nose Piercing

I think that I had better start by setting the scene...I was just 18 and I had wanted my nose pierced since I was 14 but respected my parents wishes to be 18 first. It was the summer holidays and I decided it was time. I knew of a tattoo parlour on the high street that is always busy and looked very clean (and hygiene certificates on show).

I went in and asked if they did a drop in service for piercings. As they did I paid up. The parlour is very small and was full at the time so I was sent up the high street to a tanning salon where one of their piercers practised when it was busy. I thought it was odd but I have seen the same done with other small studios. I went in and told them I'd been sent and was told to sit and wait for the piercing lady. An hour and several calls later she strolled in with shopping bags. She told me to come to the back of the shop and sit on the tanning bed while she dumped her stuff.

After a few mins she returned washed her hands and offered me a bowl of nose spirals to choose from. I was very naive as it was my first proper piercing (I had my lobes gunned twice either side when I was younger-bad but most of us started out the same way) so I didn't know what I should be looking out for. The bowl of nose studs was open to the air, she rummaged around with bare hands and let me do the same. She sprayed alcohol onto the stud and put in on the side table (also not sterile) I had no idea what size/gague it was or what size I was going to be pierced with she never said and I just assumed that everything was one standard size. She wiped my nose with an alcohol wipe and marked the place. I checked and it was just right so she clamped (just picked up off the side, no sign of an autoclave bag) and clamped my nose. I was told to count to three and then the needle was in. She cut the end off the needle and twisted the nose screw in but it wouldn't go as my nose wall was too thick. I then had to have it untwisted hold a paper towl on it to slow the bleeding until she picked another screw that would fit. The one she picked was hodeous. I told her I hated it and it hurt but she said take a paracetamol and come back in 2 weeks and she would change the nose screw. I wasn't there in 2 weeks and was told thats it then. My aftercare advise was to wipe it with hydrogen peroxide once a day and leave it alone.

I hate the smell of hydrogen peroxide, it is so strong and I didn't want it anywhere near my nose. So I went to a chemist a got some wich hazel instead. It stung a bit but I cleaned it morning and night as I thought once wasn't enough. In a month I got rid of that ugly nose spiral she forced in my face and got a lovely surgical steel fishtail stud with a rainbow crystal in it.

The piercing was not too bad but having jewellery screwed in and out of it several times was agonising. My nose was swollen but after all of that I finally had my precious nose piercing and it looks just how I imagined it. Its a miracle I didn't end up with an infection or worse.

I can't believe how stupid I was not to notice these things but at the time I was naive and so blinkered on this lusted-after piercing I didn't see anything else. Having said that as wasn't until I grew inerested in other piercings and started to do some research I discovered what a huge risk I had put myself at by no doing my homework on nose piercings first.

I was very lucky that I had no problems with my nose piercing and it healed fine. I still have it today but I hope my story of a terrible and unsanitary experience serves as a cautionary tale to others just venturing into the world of piercing. Do your research people! BMEZine is a great source of information, I just wish that I had known about it before I got my nose pierced, it could have saved me the shame of admitting such a stupid mistake.

I must state that I think that the piercer was terrible but the studio I visited was of a professional standard which is why I won't mention its name.


submitted by: nymphetamine
on: 01 June 2010
in Nostril Piercings

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @11:37 p.m.
Yeah, unfortunately it's hard to recognize things like this, it's like a con. They tell you they are trustworthy and you assume they must be, because they are the professionals.
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:37 p.m.
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