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My first surface piercing! x3!

When I fancy a particular piercing, it will take me a few weeks to a few months to feel comfortable enough with the idea of actually getting it. I research placements, correct jewelry, personal stories, potential problems and facts about the piercing itself. I like to know what I'm getting into and what sort of things I may expect.

When I first saw a dermal anchor piercing a few years ago, I was very curious. I knew of surface bar piercings, but these new fangled piercings allowed for a single gem or disc to just "float" somewhere. It was too new of a procedure that I thought nothing of it. It wasn't until a few months ago that I was starting to itch for a new addition but I didn't want a facial piercing and I like the balance of my ears already. Surface piercing it was! But where? I had to be careful about placement, because my partner is a bit clumsy sometimes and he's fought with my other piercings. I also wanted something a bit more subtle and less in the way. I decided to get this new metal on the nape of my neck.

So I was all set on getting a surface bar on the nape of my neck and I was giving it a week or so to mingle around in my mind and see how I still felt about it. I looked at photos, did research, read personal stories on surface bars and nape piercings. I really loved the look of a surface bar with balls instead of discs because they just looked gorgeous sitting on the skin. I just wasn't into the aesthetic of paired discs, but when I read that the ball ends snagged more, I became worried. I didn't want to risk the health of the piercing at all. I continued looking and researching and then I saw it: dermal anchors! Yes! But... I still didn't want discs! I was torn. I knew dermal anchors had a better chance of surviving but the balls on a bar were so amazing. But wait... everyone has a bar on the back of their neck. What if I did just one single micro dermal? Well... maybe. WAIT. I CAN DO THREE. IN A TRIANGLE. WITH DISCS. YES.

Like so: o o o

So that was it. I knew I wanted it and I was ready to go forward with it! I checked out the portfolios of the piercers at Blue Lotus (where I have gotten all my piercings done, except for my first, my industrial piercing) and I knew I trusted their work and their reputation. I was a bit torn on who to choose... Danny had done some of my more recent piercings through his apprenticeship, but because of a botched double nostril piercing (4-5 times all together) I decided to try someone else (and I also didn't want to risk such a "major" piercing so I wanted someone with more experience). Myke and JohnKid both had excellent portfolios and I knew JohnKid had a lot of experience and I had also had him as a piercer for my conch punch and it went very smoothly. It was after I talked to one of my friends who had gotten 3 dermal anchors from Myke that I decided to go with him. I was interested in seeing the west side location and she told me that Myke was very friendly and calming. It sounded perfect!

My partner was out of town for spring break, so it was a perfect time to get the nape piercings! I plan piercings around his attendance in town because he tends to be a bit fumbly and I wanted time to let them settle and let the swelling go down. I called up the shop on March 31st and the counter jockey told me to come in anytime in the morning. I was so nervous, but I was far too excited about this addition to let it get to me.

As soon as I stepped in, I felt so much better! Blue Lotus West is beautiful and calming! Not to mention they were playing one of my favorite CDs. Myke eventually met with me and I asked him questions about dermal anchors vs. surface bars and he told me that the nape is one of the few places he would ever consider placing a surface bar but that dermal anchors are a bit more "stable". He showed me the jewelry and explained the procedure, the jewelry itself, how it all worked and the sort of healing time.

"So if you're interested, we can set up a time in the future to do this or we can do it now." "Now." "Alright, then! I'll set it up!"

The individual rooms were cozy and nice to look at. He explained briefly that everything was fresh and sterilized (since I have already gotten several pieces at Blue Lotus Downtown, I knew exactly how sanitary and professional they are, so he didn't go fully in-depth) and he told me of what he would be doing. Placement was long and tedious due to my poor posture (you have to stand up straight the entire time) but I was not bothered because I would rather have straight, even placements. He did a quick markup of where it would be generally, and I loved it. Then he got to work on the fine-tuning which took a few re-dos. Since I am right-handed, the muscles on the right were larger, so he made sure that the two bottom discs where the same distance away from the edge of the neck. He explained that their job as piercers was to give the illusion of symmetry, since it isn't actually possible. They wouldn't be exactly the same, but they would look far better being more centered on the neck. I trusted him completely on this.

So now the markings were all set and he had my okay to go! I laid down on my stomach on the table with my head over the edge, rested on my crossed arms. This was far more comfortable than laying my head on the table so that my face squished into it. He grabbed the skin at the back of my neck and exclaimed that I had an awesome amount of tissue and that this was going to go way easier than he originally thought (which he was confident of already) and he also massaged/manipulated the tissue some more to loosen it. I was so nervous when he asked me to breathe in because I knew what was coming. I could feel the dermal punch resting on my skin and when I let the breath out, he dug in. It was a somewhat sharp, stinging pain with a lot of pressure but all-in-all it wasn't really bothersome at all. My various ear piercings had hurt worse! It was when he put the jewelry in that I felt the most pain. It wasn't terrible, but it was sharper and it was odd feeling a pain under my skin on my neck! It was a whole new experience! He did them all quickly, with the last one hurting the most. They bled a good amount and he put several layers of gauze on them to combat it. I was so nervous to move my neck, but it didn't hurt so bad at all! He bandaged me up and sent me to the front desk. I paid and tipped him well and then went on my way.

The first few days they were a bit red, and my neck felt stiff and sore. I was a bit worried about the top one since it was still red and hurting a few days longer than the others, but that eventually faded. The worst part was when they got itchy a week later! It was so hard not to scratch or to liiiightly scratch in-between them! Now it has been almost a month and they feel great! I haven't had any issues sleeping (although the first few days I slept on my side with a bandaid over them) or catching on things. I get a lot of "Wow! How does that work?" and "Did it hurt?" which is always fun to answer. My partner was really shocked when he saw them (he knew I was getting something, but not what) but now he loves them. He's been gentle but now it doesn't even bother me when they're touched.

I love my little triangle (even if I can't see it) and I'm proud of myself for doing it! I plan on being back to Blue Lotus soon enough to have Myke give me a shiny new metal bit on my face! I'm also toying with the idea of more micro dermals on my chest!


submitted by: Soma
on: 29 May 2010
in Body Surface Piercing

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Artist: Myke
Studio: Blue Lotus (West)
Location: Madison, WI

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