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My Eyebrow <3

I had gotten my center labret pierced during my trip to Nova Scotia in November, and I loved it. I loved the thought of it, i loved my piercer (who was recommended to me by a friend and her very pierced older sister) i loved the process, i loved how it looked - everything. And anyone who has a piercing says the same thing, they're addictive. So when I got back home (to Newfoundland) I immediately started checking out different piercings, and figuring out which one would look best on me. For my next trip in April (I have to wait until I take a trip to visit my family in Nova Scotia, because you have to be 19 in Newfoundland to be pierced without consent, and I'm nearly there, but not quite!), I decided on a right eyebrow piercing.

I was downtown with two of my friends and we had to go into Sin on Skin so that she could get the jewelry in her tongue web changed. I was debating on doing it then, but I wanted to wait to see if my younger sister would go get pierced with me, as she wanted a nose piercing for her 16th birthday. So we waited. Two days later I went down with my Mom and Dad, but they weren't open for another hour and a half. So we drove around and went into some cool shops downtown, and came back later. When we came back the receptionist said that Scott had been staying in town for the last few Monday's, and that if he was going to be in that be would be in around 1:30 (Scott has his own business within the Sin on Skin tattoo shop, called Penna Body Piercing). My parents didn't want to wait any longer, so we went home and decided to go the next day.

The next morning I woke up early from being so excited to get my piercing, although they didn't open for another four hours. I walked around the house with two dots on my eyebrow asking my parents if it looked good.

Finally, it was time to go! We got downtown and pulled into a parking spot right in front of the studio (very lucky). When we got in there, my heart sunk a little because I didn't see Scott in his room. I asked the receptionist if he was in, and she said he was in the back finishing up his lunch. She called out to him, said there was a customer here for him, and he came out a few minutes later. He came out, greeted me and asked me what I came back to get. I told him my right side eyebrow, and asked me if the jewelry i already had would work out. It was a black-coated curved 16g 5/16" curved barbell. He said it would work, and we went into the room behind him.

He told me to take a seat on the type of bed/table thing you'd find in a doctors office, and cleaned up my eyebrow. He then marked it, and asked me if I liked where it was placed. When I said yes, he double checked and asked if I was sure I didn't want it a little higher or lower, and I said no. He then had my lie down on the table and turn my head toward the wall. He pinched my eyebrow, said that he wasn't going to be using clamps for the piercing because he finds that it slips off easily and that there's usually more blood when clamps are involved; told me he would count to three, and on three he would pierce me. One, Two, Three...

Done. That was easy. From a 1 to 10 (for me, everyone is different) it was a 1.

I mean, I felt it to some degree, but I had no idea he was finished when he was. I had to ask if it was finished, because I honestly believed it wasn't. It was an overall wonderful experience. He cleaned up the tiny tiny bit of blood and the ink around the piercing, told me how to take care of it, paid, and we said our thanks and good-bye's to Scott.

It has been a really easy piercing to care for. I just clean it in the shower and a sea salt solution if I get make up or something else near it. Minimal problems, no pain, and I even had no swelling or bruising (it was the same for my lip too). I've bumped it a couple of times with my hand, but nothing serious. I can also see it a little out of the corner of my eye, but I'm getting used to it.

If anyone is thinking about an eyebrow piercing, I say go for it! I love mine and it was an awesome experience.


submitted by: TaraDawn
on: 29 May 2010
in Eyebrow Barbells

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Sin on Skin - Penna Body Piercing
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

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