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DIY lip frenum and sublingual

So I’m a nurse. I also love piercings. These two facets of my personality don’t always see eye to eye. I love getting interesting new piercings but I’m running out of creative spots to hide them for work. I’d heard of web piercings before and figured they’d be easily hidden. I already had a center tongue piercing that I had stretched to a 6 gauge. I have a small mouth so I wasn’t sure how much room I had under my tongue for a sublingual. So I decided on an upper lip frenum piercing (otherwise known as a smiley).

Again because of work I could not wear the typical jewelry in the piercing (a CBR) so I chose a 16g curved barbell. I rinsed my mouth well with Listerine, snapped on a pair of gloves and lined up my needle. I prefer to use sterile IV catheter needles to traditional piercing needles for several reasons: they are easily accessible because of my profession, they are easy to use, the flexible catheter can be left in until you’re ready to thread the jewelry, and the needle retracts into a plastic sheath when finished so they are easier to discard.

So I have my 18g needle ready (another reason I like the catheter style is there is some stretch to the catheter so you can use a size smaller needle and still thread the jewelry without difficulty) and I’m trying to figure the best way to hold my lip up and pierce at the same time. I finally end up with my left arm over my head holding my upper lip out of the way and begin to push the needle through the small webbing between my upper lip and my gum with my right hand.

That little piece of skin is flexible! It stretched quite a ways before the needle slid through. I guess that’s why it is better to use clamps. It finally slid through and I was able to retract the needle and unscrew the hub of the catheter from the base. I clipped off the hub with clean scissors and left the inch long catheter through the webbing. I closed my mouth around the catheter and prayed it didn’t slide out while I got the jewelry ready. I grabbed the curved barbell off the alcohol swab I had set it on and lined it up with the end of the catheter. I slid the jewelry through the opposite way I pierced and held it in place with one hand while I retrieved the other ball with my other hand.

This was the hardest part! Screwing that little ball onto that little barbell in that little space took forever. It was at least 20 minutes before I gave up and went in search of my Kelley clamps. I was able to grab the side of the barbell without the ball with the clamps and finally got the ball screwed on. I checked out my work in the mirror and decided “hey, that wasn’t too bad”. Always a glutton for punishment I figured “why not one more?” and grabbed another needle and alcohol swab.

This time I decided on a 14g circular barbell (mostly because it was what I had handy). I swished my mouth again with Listerine, pushed the tip of my tongue against my hard palate, and lined up my needle. After a few minutes of altering the angle I pushed it through and slid the catheter off. I let my tongue rest as I held the end of the catheter and clipped the hub off.

If I thought screwing the first set of balls on was difficult this was ten times harder! The drool was copious, the balls were small and slippery, and the space under my tongue is very tiny! Once again it took two pairs of Kelley clamps to hold the circular barbell steady while I screwed on the ball. Once tightened I closed my mouth and realized the horseshoe was too big for me to comfortably close my mouth! With a sore mouth and tired hands I figured I would change it before work the next morning and went to bed.

When I got up the next day my mouth felt fine but I was lisping horribly! Seriously, it was as bad as when I had my center tongue piercing done (without the pain, though). I couldn’t go to work like that so I grabbed my body jewelry box and went in search of a better fitting piece of jewelry. I grabbed a 14g curved barbell and headed to the bathroom with my Kelleys.

After 20 minutes of fighting with my sore tongue and small mouth I finally got the jewelry changed. It now rubbed nicely against the underside of my tongue and my lisping was barely noticeable. My smiley was also undercover as long as I didn’t smile really wide. If I did0 two little green balls popped out to say hello to whoever I was chatting with.

Overall I like my new piercings. When at all possible I like to do my own piercings because they’re inexpensive, self guided, can be spur of the moment, and you can go at your own speed. There is always the risk of injury or infection so I do not recommend piercing yourself if you aren’t prepared to accept those risks. And if you’re thinking about getting a smiley or sublingual go for it! I love mine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2010
in Tongue Related Piercings, Smiley Piercings

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