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My Impulsive Septum Experience!

I had my tongue pierced in November '09 and just a couple of months later, I wanted another piercing! I went to Dare 2 Wear in Amsterdam. One of the piercers there, Sam, did my tongue and I was quite happy with it. By the way, if you search for tongue splitting on Youtube, you will see a great video of her getting her's done!

I liked the idea of a semi-hidden piercing. I had never considered the septum before because I did not like the "bull ring" look. Even a retainer looked strange to me. I guess that this is the result of societal conditioning.

Anyway, after checking out galleries and youtube videos, the inevitable happened - I started to like the septum! All of a sudden I thought it looked really good.

I went back to my piercer to get my tongue bar downsized and while I was there I asked about the septum and said I wanted it now!

She had me lie down while she marked up my nose. With a 16ga needle she pierced it. When she pierces, she asks to keep the eyes closed but when I opened them, my eyes started to water. It's funny how closing the eyes can delay this strange phenomenon!

I am not afraid of pain and I think that piercings should hurt and look forward a little to the pain. But the piercing itself barely hurt at all. In fact, I cannot remember it hurting at all.

I had a horseshoe titanium retainer fitted so I can flip it up. In fact, I keep it flipped up all the time. I'm waiting for my friends to notice it but nobody has yet! In a way, this is quite annoying! Personally I don't think it suits me hanging down so I just keep it flipped up. Some people might think it strange to have a piercing that is so "internal" that nobody ever sees it. I would say that my reasons for piercings are not for fashion whatsoever - I just have an instinctive desire to be pierced and wear piercings, it is something I cannot explain, it just is. So it is good enough for me to simply know that I am wearing a piercing, I don't need to see it or show it off.

Like the semi-hidden tongue piercing, this one has become quite personal to me. It's actually a little crooked, about a millimetre difference between each side. But you would not know that when flipped down because the septum piercing seems to have a tolerance of about 2mm or so and still appear normal (due to 3 degrees of freedom).

A lot of people are worried about the pain of getting your septum piercing. In fact, there is little to no pain then but there is more pain afterwards!

Sometimes, one side of the piercing will feel sore. But by far the worst part are crusties that come from dried boogers. If you pull the piercing left or right through the hole then these will tug against the inside of the hole and it hurts like hell! It hurts 100 times more than the original piercing!

The best thing is to not touch the piercing. That's another good reason for the retainer. The first few days after getting it, it didn't seem to be settling well. Then I decided not to touch it for two weeks and that did it a heck of a lot of good.

I had a go at removing the jewelry after about two months. So long as there are no crusties then it slips in and out quite easily. I'm thinking of getting a blackline PVD retainer because my nostril hairs are quite dark and I think it would be even better concealed.

Today it is around 3 months since I had the piercing. I am now in a phase where the crusties seem to hurt even more for some reason. I have not been using a sea salt solution daily but just occasionally when I feel that it might help. Seriously, I think the best thing for this one is to not touch or fidget with it. Oh, and it also hurts to touch the end of your nose after getting the piercing but this disappeared for me after about a month.

I'd love to stretch it when it's fully healed but I'm not sure. Luckily my piercer hit the sweet spot although I think I have more room at the front. I'm even thinking about possibly one day getting a second one in front of the first. This is quite unconventional but I like the idea and I think there is space for it.

By the way, with this piercing I have really gotten to know my septum well. Most people go their whole life without even knowing intimately this part of their face. You might think you know your face well but until you get the septum piercing, you don't!

If you're thinking about it, I say just get it. With a retainer, this is the most hideable piercing there is, even better hidden than the tongue web I reckon. The only exception is if you have a very prominent septum i.e. raised sides of your nose.


submitted by: guylikespiercings
on: 29 May 2010
in Septum Piercings

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Dare 2 Wear
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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