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My Septum Piercing

I had wanted my Septum pierced for years, but was always too afraid to as I kept being told it hurt really really badly. This year I finally worked up the courage to go to the piercer and get it done, I sat down while the piercer asked me questions about why I wanted my septum, to which I replied, 'Um I like them ?' To which he pretty much said pfft and stuck his nose up at the thought. I thought this guy was a dick, so anyway he cleaned my nose and felt around up there and said 'hmmm' so I say oh god what is it now? I mean I knew by his tone something was wrong, I had finally gotten the courage to come get this done and he was Hmmm-ing.

He then told me that my septum was separated and it would be hard to do and probably come out crooked so I say to him, how many of these have you done ? he said only 3, nobody gets these done any more, And I had seen soooo many people with this piercing , so this was my cue to leave, because obviously this guy had no idea what he was doing, so he sends me to a different shop to see his boss, yes his boss, he was only an apprentice I found out later and which he failed to tell me, so I am glad he didnt go through with it, and the fact that he got all shitty and defensive when I asked how many he had done and when he saw my face contort upon hearing he had only done three, I mean Im about to let you shove a needle through my nose, I think I have the right to ask you questions, you douche. So I go in a weeks time to see the boss, he feels around and sais yeh your nose is separated, it will come out crooked. I am devastated but dont give up because I figure this guy is stupid as well, as these piercers just pierce out of a hairdressing shop.

So I finally go to a shop I know is really good and clean and the piercers have had decades of experience, Its a about an hour away from me, but so worth it. So I go up there and explain what they other piercers had told me about how my nose was crooked and it will come out crooked if I get this pierced. The piercer looks at me funny and sais, 'No way, that's complete bullshit', and also sais the only reason in which you wouldn't be able to get that done is if you have had plastic surgery of any kind on your nose or broken it like really badly (which I had never). So he sais go get something to eat and come back, so I do, and I am extremely frightened but realise its now or never, that I have gone through too much for this piercing.

I come back and he sets up, as I walk around the waiting room, where they are playing a video tape of the body suspension with the hooks in somebody's back, which makes me more nervous so I turn away, the piercer then tells me he is ready so I sit down and he informs me if I want to flip it up which I did then I should get a straight retainer as it is best , so I agree. He feels up my nose and I ask him is it really fucked? like the previous two shitty piercers had told me, and he said nope not at all, he makes his markings, he doesn't use the clamps, which im glad about, but just the metal tube, he keeps assuring me it takes 2 seconds literally, so I sit for awhile and finally say, yeh just do it, he makes me do the breathe in and out , and its done, it literally did not hurt what so ever, I was so excited, and I was pleased because I remember thinking that my ex boyfriend had his septum pierced and he told me, it was sooooo painful and that I would never be able to with stand the pain, so I laughed to myself at what a pussy he must really be, and that if i ever see him around with my septum piercing out, the gratification I would feel, as he had told me quite a number of times, there is no way I could ever do it.

So anyway I have it done, for a month its healing nicely, instead of dissolving sea salt in a little bit of water and bathing with a cue tip, I make the mixture in a large bowl and stick my face in it everyday and blow bubbles to clean my nose, this is obviously the better option as my nose starts healing even faster and has no pain, so its a month and Im at the halfway point before I can get my jewellery changed, until I decide to go out drinking with friends, something I really regret.

So I go out and am drinking, but am drinking way too fast and way too much, by the end of the night I am completely legless, vomiting all over myself (Attractive I know) and Im in the car on the way home (not driving of course) and I feel my nose and my septum retainer is GONE ! So Im quite drunk so I start crying my eyes out about how its gone and I have wanted it for so long, the next day I am still far too sick to go to the piercer, so I just have to wait it out, I have a feel up there and try to stick some jewellery in, but nope its closed, already !!! I am an extremely fast healer, I have had my nostril done twice, once with a gun which was always infected I had that for a year, took it out and it closed over in literally like the space of hours, got it re pierced with a needle, my nose still rejected it, I had that in for over a year and when I took it out closed up also in a matter of hours. So I wasn't surprised the septum closed especially since it was only a month old, it didn't stand a chance. I am in shock that it came out , I mean it was only a month old and not to the stage yet where i could even move it around without a jolt of pain, and for it to just fall out, I am guessing all the vomit coming out of my nose lubricated the hole and forced it out. I am so sad, its been a month or 5 weeks since that happened so I am going to wait another week or two and get the re pierce, which Im afraid about because I have heard bad things about scar tissue and re piercing, but oh well, I know its my own fault for being such an idiot and drinking as much as I did, I just think to myself, something out there must really not want me to have this piercing, the crap I went through to get it and then it falling out, its just unfair, but anyway that is my story about the shit I went through for this piercing, I think its funny the lengths we go to only to have someone shove a needle in us, Im hoping all goes well with the re pierce though :) And if anyone is reading this researching whether to get a septum piercing, which is what I did, I would say go for it, I mean pain obviously differs depending on the person , but it literally was painless, just make sure its a good shop, they have a lot of experience, and I think if it hurts then it isnt done properly because really it was nothing.


submitted by: Karly
on: 29 May 2010
in Septum Piercings

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