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A friendly puncture

Well, here goes.

I've been out of the BM scene for a few years now and begin to miss it moreso daily, so here I am. In fact, I still have a few relics from my days of large lobes and various other mods - my un-closable ears and the scar tissue in my lip. It is regarding the latter that I write about tonight. Here's the story of a lip piercing.

So, I had a friend, right - a pretty darn good friend who happened to double as a pretty darn good amateur needle-maestro. Her and I would talk for hours about our mods and our aspirations, and although we've since fallen completely out of touch, I think that the time we spent collaborating was time indeed well spent. I was at the height of my teen angst and came up with this wild idea to have my lip punctured. My friend offered to do it and we made it a date on a Saturday afternoon. I found myself elated yet nervous. Lobes were one thing, but this was a much larger step with much larger ramifications. I became apprehensive nearly as much as I became totally jacked up about the piercing, and counted down the week to our scheduled, er, thing.

Finally it was the day. I finished up what would be my last cigarette for a few days (it probably should have been a few weeks), and walked from my car into her apartment. I was incredibly nervous because I had read that it can be quite painful, but my friend reassured me with some lidocaine and that fantastic smile of hers. I closed my eyes and told her to do it. In hindsight, it wasn't really all that painful - especially considering the following few weeks, but again everyone’s different. I will point out, though, that I really liked the look of it, despite it being a bit too far north on my lip and it causing an odd sensation for the 8 months that I had it in. My friend was all about it, and she always told me that it was one of her favorite piercings on anyone she worked on. If anything it served an interesting conversation piece, considering the town where I grew up.

A funny story about after I had the piercing done. I knew my parents were going to have a total fit about it, and thought I’d be sort of in the clear because at the time my dad was working out of town for a few weeks. I thought that I’d just sort of ease them into it, but of course that was a terrible idea – apparently you can’t just ease parents into this sort of thing – ha! Anyway, I ended up just wearing hoodies around with my face partially covered for a few days, faking sick and the like. Unfortunately, once Monday morning rolled around, I had to pull some quick moves to avoid being noticed before school, and managed to keep this up until Wednesday afternoon when I was home for lunch and my mom caught me off guard while I was making a sandwich. She denies that she snuck up on me on purpose to this day, but I think it was some of the parental intuition at work. So she sees it and tries to guilt me, which is worse because now I feel bad both because she’s disappointed and because there’s nothing I can really do to quell the disappointment, what with the hole and all. I’m happy to report that we get on about it with a good laugh now, although she really dislikes the barely-noticeable hole in my lip.

Now, I've had some painful shit happen to me. I am thoroughly convinced that nothing will ever be as painful as every single morning for about three weeks after I got the piercing. It was bad enough that I was now a social pariah within my family - the physical pain was sickening. I got the healing crust on the ring, 2-3 times a day, and it became all I could do not to move the damn ring, otherwise the crust on the CBR would drag into the open wound in my face and bring me to tears every time. My lip swelled up to about twice the normal size for nearly a month, eating became a chore. Believe me when I say the healing process was a personally awful experience. After that, though, I loved it.

I never regret having it done though and have recently considered having it re-pierced professionally, although I don't know that I will, considering the unfortunate social stigma (the market is bad enough for us liberal arts majors). Overall, it was an awesome looking piercing and I received a ton of compliments after it stopped looking like garbage; don't take my experience as the typical case. I know many others who reacted much better to it than I did - don't let this deter you. Consider it a terribly subjective story of a slightly unfortunate experience.


submitted by: traviscrowe
on: 29 May 2010
in Lip Piercing

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