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My tragus piercing!

So I'll start off saying that I've been really interested in body modification, especially piercings, though I only had 5 myself (4 on my lobes, one on my cartilage, all gunned, bad I know). Because my parents are pretty old fashion when it comes to piercings, just the standard earlobes. One day, I casually brought up a tragus piercing to my mum, and to my surprise, she immediately said yes! I asked my dad, who was skeptical, but eventually agreed.

Before I had even asked my parents, I had begun looking for a shop that pierce it for me, which I thought would be challenging, because I'm 13. I found a shop nearby to where I lived, and after looking at their website & Myspace profile, I decided to call about it. They said it would be no problem to pierce me, I just needed to bring ID or a recent picture, and have my mum sign for me. So I decided to get my tragus pierced that Tuesday after school.

I was excited up until Tuesday, when my mum decided to pick me up early from school and take me to get it done. By the time I had gotten into the car, I was ready to drop out and just go home. My mum told me that I had until we got there to decide.

On our way there, I had decided to do it, but because I am NOT very good with other people piercing me, I started crying before we were even in the shop. My mum said I didn't have to do it, and told me that we could just go in and talk to the piercer about it and get it done another day.

When we pulled into the shop parking lot, I was nervous and almost ready to cry again. But when we got into the shop, I loved it. They were just sitting at the front table having pizza and talking. The shop was VERY clean, and everyone there was really nice. They asked what I wanted done, my mum replied "She wants her tragus done, but could you just show her what you'll do first?". So they took me back to the room, and showed me everything they would use.

They showed me the clamps, the needle [a curved 16 gauge, though 14 gauge was their fist choice, but my ear was too small], and the jewelry [a silver circular barbell/horseshoe ring]. They talked with me about how much they though it hurt, and they were really good with answering any questions I had. After talking to them, I decided that I would get it over with and do it that day.

As it turns out, they didn't take debit cards, so we signed the papers, and went to the bank across the road and got me something to eat. I was excited again, but when we got back in the car, my nervousness set back in. So, we went back to the shop, where everyone was sitting out on the front, just casually talking. We went back inside, and my piercer was waiting for me, so I went to the back room, and got ready.

I was SERIOUSLY freaking out, so I laid down, and just tried to keep from passing out [I've been known to come close], and my piercer was really nice and patient with me. After about ten minutes, I decided I was ready. She told me the clamps were the worst part, but I really didn't mind them that much. The only bad part of it was that she had to keep repositioning them, because my tragus is so small. And then came the piercing. She pushed the needle through, and I honestly barely felt a thing. It didn't hurt AT ALL. The first thing I said when it was done was "Wow, I feel stupid!". She talked me through the normal aftercare stuff, and sent me on my way.

A week later, it's still fine, not too sore or anything. I'm going to wait a while before I change the ring out, I clean it regularly with H20cean, and try not to fool with it much.The first few days, there was a little dried blood on the front and back of it, but after a few days, I could move it back and forth.

Seeing peoples reactions is one of the best parts. Be prepared to get reactions like these though:

"EW, you got THAT thing pierced?!" "Is that REAL?!" "Did that hurt?!" "Why did you DO that?!" "That looks so STUPID!"

[Keep in mind that those comments came from immature rednecks]

If you want your tragus pierced, go for it! Make sure you choose a nice, clean shop. I highly recommend Body Language Tattoo's for anyone in the area. If you have any doubts or worries, just talk it through with your piercer like I did.


submitted by: DancingWraith
on: 21 May 2010
in Tragus Piercing

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Artist: Chiree
Studio: Body Language Tattoos
Location: Somerset, KY

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