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once upon a time

About a week before my holidays I decided to get my septum piercing done. I had wanted it for a long time and this seemed like a good opportunity since I could let it heal without anyone at work being able to notice it. I tend to look at such things with doom and gloom so normally tend to come up with a reason why not to do it and this at least gave me peace of mind since I could pretend I wasn’t really going forward with it. Then Feb. 1st came and I was dubious as hell. I kept wondering what the most disastrous outcome could be and, trying to keep in mind that in the worst case I could take it out before I was to return to my job 14 days later, convincing myself that it really was the time now, if ever. Then there was the needle issue. I'm not very fond of needles, to say the least and when they need to draw blood I nearly faint. Actually the thought alone can make me queasy and although afterwards I ask myself what I really was afraid of, the next time it will repeat itself again. After pondering some more and recalling other fears I had overcome in the recent past, I took my bike and headed towards the center. I went to the nearest ATM to withdraw the cash I would be needing and biked to “dare2wear” on which I had read good reviews.

Approaching the small street they were hidden in, I felt an enormous rush coming over me: I was going to finally do it! But, as my luck would have it, a window sign let me know it was closed for about half an hour. My heart was beating so fast by now and I was extremely disappointed to have it all come to an end this way. I biked on towards the other 'branch' called “classic ink and mods” which would take me about 15 more minutes during which I found more time to get my mind racing again. This shop was located in an alley that, with the scaffolding there, looked like a portal to hell (at least to me). I entered, tried to look as cool as possible, and told the girl behind the counter that I wanted my septum pierced. She exclaimed: "how nice!" and asked me to come upstairs. Although quite some of the fear had passed, another fear was setting in: The thought of a needle being shoved through my skin. Meanwhile Samanta asked me whether I knew anything of what was going to happen and after I let her know I only knew just a bit, she explained the whole procedure thoroughly.

She examined my nose and told me a good spot would be more to the front, which was as I had wanted to and I decided on using 2 mm (12ga) to suit my rather big nose. It is a very odd sensation when someone else cleans your nose and when they use a yellowish goo of which the smell could remind you of an Eastern European hospital it is not getting any more normal. She went on however and placed the markings, making sure they were in the right position. I agreed on the placement and she clamped the forceps which was a slight discomfort. Another bit of chitchatting and I too was ready. I laid down, she put the needle in place and after I okayed, it started. I took a deep breath and upon the release she put the needle through. It felt like a small pinch and a bit of discomfort as the needle slid through. Much less than I had anticipated to my relief, and when the jewelry was changed with another pinch, all was done. She checked whether it was straight and gave me a mirror to check it out as well, then flipped up the retainer. After settling the bill I returned home and was amazed at how easy it all had been.

The first 2 days the swelling made the piercing look crooked, to my great dissatisfaction, and I checked on bme to see if others had the same issue as I had expected. Indeed by now the swelling has subsided and it’s perfectly straight. Overall discomfort during the healing has been extremely low so far with my nose being a bit sore just after I have cleaned it. I soak once a day with a sea salt solution and flip the retainer down after doing so, removing any crusties or other stuff with Q-tips.

I am very happy with the outcome and wish I had done it a long time before already. Further I would recommend anyone to visit “Classic ink and mods” as they did a wonderful job.


submitted by: Toams
on: 21 May 2010
in Septum Piercings

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