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Nipples stretched to 8 Ga., w/Internally threaded barbells

I pierced both nipples in 1997 with a std. 14 ga. barbell. Sometime in 2006 I decided that I wanted to stretch my piercings. I had read that the pain could be intense and I craved that feeling, similar I thought to the great feeling I had right after my nipples were first pierced.

So I ordered in the 12 gauge jewelry and...it slipped right in. Damn, over the years my piercings had stretched on their own. So in 2007 I decided to get 10 ga. jewelry, and a 10 gauge taper and try it again. One more time, not much sensation. A snug fit, but no pain. Plus, I didn't like the new 10 ga. jewelry, somehow the balls were smaller on the 10 ga. than the balls on the 12 ga. I'm not sure how I managed that. Besides, I always wanted something other than stainless steel barbells.

I was browsing my favorite online jewelry store and saw Titanium jewelry available in colors. Now skulls, dice, etc. do not fit me, I'm an obviously straight middle aged white collar kind of guy. But colors! Now that was interesting.

So in 2009 I decided to try again and ordered my blue titanium barbells in 8 gauge. This jewelry was internally threaded, unlike all the other jewelry I had ever had. I didn't think that was significant at the time. With externally threaded jewelry the rod of the barbell ends in a slightly smaller diameter threaded section, sort of like a taper, so the jewelry slips in fairly easy. With internally threaded jewelry, the rod ends in a cone, with the screw attached to the ball. Think of shoving a cookie cutter through your nipple, as opposed to a screw.

When the barbells arrived, with an 8 ga. taper, I couldn't wait to get them in. My right nipple is pierced slightly deeper and wider than my left, so of course I started with that one. Inserting the taper was painful, now I was getting somewhere. But I swear, the barbells are slightly larger in diameter than the taper. Trying to insert the new barbell quickly showed me the difference in internally threaded vs. externally threaded. Even with a little lube, I couldn't get the new barbell more than 40% of the way through. I ended up seeing a bit of blood and having a really bruised and painful nipple. I admit, blood stops me. So I decided to try the left nipple, but this time I put the taper in and added a 1/2 split washer as a spacer behind it, wore it that way all afternoon, went home and manged to get the new barbell in.

Soon I began to wonder, WHY exactly had I craved the pain? This was not fun, this was not sexy, it hurt. If I rolled over on my nipple at night I woke up. This went on for two days, then the pain went away, and I was left with that marvelous hyper sensitivity that I love. Two weeks later, it's still more sensitive.

After letting my right nipple rest for a few days, I decided to try again, this time I'd be smarter, I'd put the taper in and wear it for a day or two. Since the taper is at it's widest at the very end, obviously I'd have to rotate which side I put it through to stretch the nipple equally. So the first day at work, I closed my office door and decided it was time to pull the taper out and put it through the other way. It was a bit painful, so I decided to pull it through in one yank. Something tore, I had blood leak out of both sides of my nipple. Now I'm in my office, with no kleenex and a bloody nipple. Aside from not liking the sight of blood coming out of my nipple, I have a problem. I have to walk across the office to the restroom. Luckily, it didn't bleed much, I was able to wipe it away with my fingers, and get to the restroom where I used scotch tape to hold on a paper towel. :) (not too bright I know, My masters was in another subject not piercing)

So, let the nipple rest about 4 days and start the taper again, but slower. After a few days of wearing the taper and the split washer spacer, I was finally able to insert the new barbell about halfway through the nipple, there it stopped. Clearly I was not able to stretch the very center of the piercing as I had both edges. However, over about 10 minutes with small pushes and twisting, I was finally able to get the new jewelry in. As it was coming through, the only discription that fits, is you could see the jewelry "crowning" as it came through. One day/36 hours of pain, then hypersensitivity again.

I really like having 4 blue balls, the new barbells are much better than plain stainless, but, from this experience, I think internally threaded jewelry is better suited for a replacement not a stretching. I'm not planning on going to a 6 Ga., but you never know.


submitted by: nosaint38
on: 21 May 2010
in Nipple Piercing

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