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My long awaited tongue piercing :)

I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was 12 years old, but having very sensible parents I was not allowed it done until I was quite a bit older (which is of course a good thing!). Although it really did wind me up when I was younger, I am pleased they made me wait because it allowed me to be mature in my choice, as at the end of the day, it can be a dangerous piercing if you get it done at the wrong place! And you have to be really strict in caring for it (no infections in there thank you!)

So here I am, aged 21, moved out of home, and earning my own money. The three criteria I had to meet to be allowed my lovely new piece of metal! It may be my 23rd, but damn it was the one I had wanted most! And although it sounds strange, the only one that actually made me very nervous!

Today, 20th March 2010, was finally my day and I went down to Susan Bird's to get it done. I walked into the reception area at 12.40pm and it was really quiet, I expected some more people in there, but I wasn't going to complain if it meant no queues! I found out the reason it was so empty though was because they were closing in 20 minutes, oops! But they were happy enough to fit me in :) yey!

So I filled in the usual forms - no I don't have HIV, no haemophilia etc....signed it and paid my £30 before hand so it was done and I couldn't back out! (Not after waiting almost 10 years was I going to give myself a chance to back out!!) I then sat down in the waiting area for the piercer to finish with the client before me. Out she came and greeted me, she was really friendly! She checked my forms and then let me know that she would be with me in one moment when the room was ready.

Once she collected me and took me through to the room I was met by that wonderful sterile smell - maybe I am a freak, but damn, I love that scent! It always makes me feel so at home! :D I sat on the bed and watched her get out all the instruments and jewellery to be used. I would be telling lies if I said that at this point I wasn't very nervous! No idea why, maybe the anticipation of finally getting it done :) I ended up making nervous chit chat....I was feeling silly, but bless her, she relaxed me easily.

So after she spoke to me and got everything sorted, she checked my tongue (all's well, woo!) and dotted a mark in the centre. Next came the numbing spray (which just made me talk weird, and drool lol) and then the clamp. I can honestly say this really did hurt - I was shocked! Like a sharp pinching (shows how good the numbing spray was then!). But I reminded myself that afterwards I would have a shiny new bar in my mouth to make it all worth it :P

She asked if I was ready, "yes!" (well a nod!), and then in went the needle. It did hurt, but nowhere as much as I thought it would! She was very quick doing the piercing, and before I knew it I had my tongue gently lifted back into my mouth and a mirror to see my new friend :) There was no blood, no drewling like I'd expected, and no huge amounts of pain! She was really nice too, because even though it was past closing time she sat with me until I was sure I was OK to leave. Such a kind lady!

I am so so happy with it! And it really has made the 10 years of waiting worthwhile :P

I am writing this 5 hours after the piercing, and I can honestly say it is not feeling that bad! Minimal swelling and not huge amounts of pain (though when it decides to hurt, it does go for it lol). All I have drank since getting in is iced water (very soothing) and have tried to eat a little cake (which I managed half of - whoo!) so all in all an amazing piercing experience, and I cannot wait to get the smaller bar put in soon so that I can see it in all its beauty :) I have been advised to wait 3 weeks before going back to have it changed, as although you can have it changed sooner she prefers to know it is 100% ok before taking out the longer bar. Fine by me, I'd rather that too!

Anyone out there who is considering a tongue piercing, I would say do it! It really is worth it :)


submitted by: Miss.Monroe
on: 08 April 2010
in Center Tongue Piercings

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Studio: Susan Bird's
Location: Grantham

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