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Septum piercing (not actually that painful!)

Well, I have been a huge fan of septum piercings for a few years now, but had read quite a few horror stories on them and how much they 'kill'. I think I finally decided to just go for it after I had both my nipples pierced, as that wasn't as bad as I previously had thought it would be. Each time before I get any piercing done, I spend a while (at least a week) decided if it’s what I really want and the types of jewellry available for the certain piercing. I look in the galleries here on BME and also read stories on experiences etc. I don’t think septum piercings really suit everyone, but I was very enthusiastic about getting mine done, most of my previous piercings had suited me anyway.

I decided to get my septum piercing done at my local piercing studio, Red in Leeds, which I've been a regular customer at for 6 years +. I went with my boyfriend at the time, who actually wasn't impressed with my decision to get this piercing, which made me even more eager to get it done. ;-) I’ve had mostly all my piercings done in this studio, as I’ve never had a bad experience there and it’s entirely run/owned by females, so being a female myself I feel more relaxed as I walk through the door. Inside the studio I browsed through the pricelists and looked at the optional jewellry that was available for the septum. It was rather quiet in the studio as I went in on a week day whilst I was off work, I always prefer it when there’s less hussle and bussle about the place as I can take my time with browsing around and just generally chatting first before I get anything done. After I had enquired about my chosen piercing I was advised to eat or drink something prior to the piercing, for some reason i ALWAYS forget to do this as I’m always too excited in the first place to even think about eating anything. After I had returned from having a snack and some cola I went back to receptionist, where I had the usual forms waiting for me to fill in.

After filling in all the required forms and paying the lovely lady at the front desk, I proceeded upstairs into the 'scary' piercing room. Had a small chat with the piercer girl who made me feel very much at ease, I usually have a small joke with my piercer before I have anything done, about the pain factor and other people's experiences. I was sat up in the chair as the piercer was sorting out the equipment needed. I think the most painful part (as I find for most of my piercings) is the part where the flesh gets clamped with the forceps, so I was eyeing up the scary tool as the piercer picked it up. She told me to tilt my head back, she then placed the forceps up my nostrils and then told me to close my eyes, take a few deeps breaths and then take a long exhale, as I exhaled I felt the needle push through my septum, my eyes did get a little bit watery but luckily not as much as I predicted. The needle is usually pierced through the ‘sweet spot’, which is the thinnest piece of the cartelage inside the nose. I remember finding the sweet spot a few weeks before I went to get this piercing. Now sat there, with the needle pierced through my septum, the piercer picked up my selected jewellery for my septum. Now, this part made my eyes water a bit more than the initial first piercing from the needle. After the piercer had screwed on the last ball she said I should take a peak in the mirror. I was already buzzing by now, and as soon as I saw my new piercing I fell in love with it. :-)

After-care was pretty simple, and it healed really well, better than any of my previous piercings. I changed the jewellery to a blackline circular barbell after about 5 months of getting my septum pierced. I've had my piercing for well over a year now, and I don't plan on taking it out for a very long time. I have been looking into getting a larger gauge piece of jewelry for my septum, I think the size I have in currently is the smallest you can have, but there’s SO many different ways of wearing septum jewellry, and of course it’s really easy to hide with septum keepers incase of important interviews and work. My boyfriend actually really liked the piercing after I had it done, I think when people think of the septum piercing, they imagine you looking like some kind of bull. :-P


submitted by: BrodyLee
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Septum Piercings

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