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When I was eight years old, I had one wish for my birthday, It was to pierce my earlobes. And my wish was granted and on the day of my birthday my mother and my brother took me too a jewelry shop and the old lady there pierced me with a piercing gun. It wasn´t until years later that I realised what a stupid move that was. My lobes was too thick for the short piercinggun jewelry and the infection was a fact.

During the years I have also pierced a second hole in my left ear (with a piercinggun) and had a nosestud pierced by needle. both of the have resulted in infection and in the case of the nosestud, antibiotics... So I had given up on having pretty manmade holes in my body. But I do confess that I still checked the internet and read all about piercings. It was then I realised that my previous infections could have been prevented if I 1) hadn´t pierced my ears with piercinggun. and 2) Hadn´t pierced my nose by an piercer in an unclean enviroment AND hadn´t cleaned it with alcoholbased products. It was then soon after my 18th birthday that I started to want a new piercing... Something private, and only mine... A nipple maby? But I was a little bit nervous, what if I couldn´t breastfeed afterwards?? and with my history with having hard to heal I was unsure if I wanted to take that risk... And my parents were tired of all my problems with piercings so they forbade me to do another one. (even though I am 18)

Then a new piercingparlor opened and had an offer to pierce for only 38 dollars!! A friend of mine was going there to pierce her tongue so I followed and watched. I watched the piercer prepare and destillate every surface he was going to come in contact with durring the piercing and talked sothing to my nervous friend. It was then I decided to finally do my nipple. So I ran to the nearest ATM and then ran back. I jumped up in the newly cleaned piercingchair and the piercer talked me throught my worries. No It wont make you unable to breastfeed, it will maby pierce through 5 of 100 pores so no worries, but a nipple is a hard healed place. So if you have had problems before, then maybe you should reconsider. But I had alredy made up my mind, I was willing to take the risk! So he cleaned and marked my nipple and after I had checked the position, he grabbed my nipple with the clamp, and wiggled it to numb it and this hurt like hell!! He told me to take three deep breaths and on the third the needle went through and I felt an burning sensation. My friend who pierced her tongue was holding my hand and I almost squeezed it to death. The piercer inserted a barbell, slightly longer than the nipple to give in room to swell. I sat up to pay but my head started to feel heavy and it swoshed in my ears so I quickly lay down again. I got some water and both the fealing in my head and the swoshing in my ears AND the pain in my nipple gave away. So I gave it another try to stand up and this time it felt okay. So I recieved the careadvice on a paper.

After an hour though my piercing started to hurt like hell!! but it past in a couple of hours.

Since then I have cleaned it with seasalt soaks and never touched it with unclean fingers. I also wash it with Lactacyd soap every time I shower. I also avoided alcohol for the first month and swimming in pools. The fact that I love orangejuice and consume rather much of this, may also have helped

I have never had any problems with the piercing, and thanks to reading so much on the internetI learned a lot of things, how to deal with my piercing, Things that none of my piercers informed me of. For example I didn´t get panicked when it started to produce this white thingy. And try to get it to go away by cleaning it with alcoholbased cleaning products like I have tried before. Its just woundwaste, nothing to worry about, tooootally normal. So if you want to get pierced, then read as much as you can about it, and ask your piercer, no questions are stupid, ’cus I have learned my leason, that knowing as much as you can about piercings in general, really saved me this time. Its now been four months since and I am still totally in love with my little nipple piercing and if you are considering it you should totally do it, I don’t regret it for a second!


submitted by: Hedwig
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:11 p.m.
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