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Nipple Sisters

Before getting my nipples pierced I had sort of figured I was done getting piercings for some time. I already have 5/8" lobes, an industrial, a second lobe piercing, a surface piercing on my nape, venoms, my belly button, and my septum pierces. I have considered getting more cartilage piercings, but my industrial has been so fussy that I figure I don't want to deal with another one of those. In fact, I thought I was done for a while before I got my belly button pierced (something I never thought I would do for some reason), but obviously that is probably never the case.

A good friend that I had made in rehab and I had kept in close contact with each other since both graduating the program we were in, but still had not seen each other in a over a year. We had briefly discussed doing a small brand of some kind on each other when we met up again or doing a sort of "blood sisters" like ritual. Then recently my friend mentioned she thought it would be really cool to be "nipple sisters" and that she was hoping to come out to visit me over spring break and that she would love to get pierced with me since I knew of a really great shop in my town. I had gotten most all of my piercings done at this shop, as had all my friends, as well as their custom tattoos, and many of them had worked there as well. Needless to say, I very much trusted the head piercer, Orian, and his apprentice Cameron, as well as the environment as a whole. If anyone is in the area of Taos New Mexico and looking for either great piercing or (amazing) tattoo work, Talisman Tattoo and Piercing is the place to go.

My friend met me at the shop after I had spent some time hanging out there and talking with Cameron. When she arrived and Cameron asked who was going first we both pointed at one another, but it was quickly decided that I had to go first. I chose to get barbells and filled out the familiar paperwork. Then Orian, Cameron, my soon to be nipple sister, and another friend of mine all came to the back room to watch me get pierced. Cameron spent a good deal of time sterilizing and marking my nipples for the horizontal piercings, and then having Orian check them for accuracy. After finally getting marked off perfectly I laid down on that familiar table.

Next came the clamps. I have heard tons of people say that the clamps hurt the most but honestly I don't know if I agree. They are rather uncomfortable, and rather pinching. After positioning the clamps properly and making all my friends quiet down so I wouldn't keep laughing, Cameron asked if I was ready. I said, "No....Yes", because no matter how many times I have gotten pierced or how much I enjoy it, I still always get a little bit nervous! Then he says take a deep breath in and out, and as I exhale, he pushes the needle all the way through my left nipple. I can't say that it didn't hurt, but it did feel very odd, I could feel the beginning, middle, and end of the needles journey, and it pinched a little maybe, but there is no way that I could compare the feeling it carried to any other piercing I have. He stated aloud when the piercing was finished, and then put the jewelry in.

Cameron asked if I was ready for the next one, and then offered that I could look in the hand mirror so I didn't have to get up off the table. Then I got to look at my shiny new nipple! And I was so excited about it, and couldn't wait to have to matching one. I was slightly in awe because it was so different to see my nipple that way. When I handed the mirror back he went at it straight away, putting the clamp on. This time with my inhale/exhale, I winced on the exhale, and I was very conscious of the fact I did. This one hurt more than the first one of course, it always seems that way. But faster than ever it was over, the jewelry was in, and Cameron was asking is I was dizzy at all. I said no, sat up and walked over to the full length mirror. I was so excited by the new and strange barbells going through my nipples, and thanked him a bunch!

He set let me get dressed and sent us out of the room so he could sterilize it properly for my friend who still had to go next. I was still running on adrenaline and felt great and jittery. Soon it was my friends turn and she took her shirt and bra off, and got cleaned and marked off, though the process was much quicker seeming this time around. I was excited to watch her get pierced because it is always my favorite to see other people getting work done. She also winced a bit. But she said the clamp was the most painful part (I still don't really agree!!). Then she was done and also very stoked about the foreign metals in her nipples!

Overall wonderful process, fun meaning behind the reasoning, not a difficult piercing to get, and I am looking forward to playing when they are healed!! I recommend it to anyone!


submitted by: femme-oso
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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